There are Monkeys in Europe!!!
And NO I’m not talking about drunken Aussies stumbling through the streets after a Pub Crawl.
I’m talking about the Barbary Macaque population in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is the 2.6 square mile rock that borders Spain.
Even though it’s connected to Spain by land it’s actually a British Overseas Territory.
At the top of this rock is a population of about 250 monkeys and they might be the worst thieves in Europe.

monkeys in EuropeA friend from there told me about the tourists that have food and bags taken right out of their hands by the monkeys.
They’re ruthless little criminals, but they’re so damn cute though.

I didn’t notice any of them being out of control.
Aside from sitting on peoples cars.
Most were napping or hanging around being as curious about us.
When we started to drive out of that area my friend ashed some of his cigarette out the window.
A monkey jumped off a wall onto the side of the car thinking the cigarette was some type of food.
After a couple meters of driving(we were driving slow) it realized we had no food and jumped back onto the wall.
I recommend hanging out in Gibraltar with the monkeys if you’re in the south of Spain.
But remember to have your passport with you.
It is actually the U.K. and they’ll need to check your passport before you enter.

Another friend of mine, who was living and studying in Spain, tried to join me in Gibraltar.
Consequently she was kept back at the border because she didn’t have her passport.
Monkeys in Europe.Have you been to Gibraltar to see the monkeys?
Tell me about it in the comments below.

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