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Have you ever taken a vacation and did so much that you needed another vacation as soon as you returned home?
Yeah me too.
Every single time.

vacation from your vacation
A lazy day in the Swiss Alps.

Extensive traveling, walking, train riding, and sightseeing can eventually take a toll on you.
When that happens it’s time for you to take it easy.
Otherwise your trip might begin to feel too much like work… and NO ONE wants that.

vacation from your vacation
So tired, I’ll just pass out here.


Maybe a relaxing day on a beach is all that’s needed.
Perhaps a lazy afternoon watching movies in your hostel or hotel is the cure.
But sometimes after weeks/months of travel you might need a full week to just sit around and be a useless slug.
(No offense to those hardworking slugs out there).
Relaxing to get your traveling motivation back will make a huge difference on the rest of your trip.

My 1st trip to Europe I was definitely cramming in too much in too little time.
I saw Salzburg in only a few hours and then did the same thing when I got to Venice.
I saw all the things I wanted to see, but I was running around those cities like I was in a race.
Take from me: That’s NOT How You Want To Travel.
Not only was I not able to really enjoy those cities but I was exhausted by the end of the day.

vacation from your vacationAfter a couple of months backpacking I arrived in my favorite European country.
10 days of trying to kill myself I was ready for a break.
A retreat into the mountains for relaxing was exactly what I needed.

I only needed a solid 4 days of relaxation(and I still hiked twice).
After that my body was recharged and ready for another month of travel.
vacation from your vacation
That slide was dangerously fast!


When I vacation I go 100 mph.
I hardly ever take time to rest.
Like most people, I want to see and do as much as possible.
But when you need a break, Take It!
You’ll thank yourself later.

If you don’t you might start to care less for the things you’re experiencing and not fully appreciate them.
I understand that most people have very limited times on their holidays.
Be that as it may, there’s still no shame in taking a break and relaxing.

vacation from your vacation
“Am I the only one surprised by the size of that beer?”

Plan It Out.

The key to NOT needing a vacation from your vacation is really planning out.
Know exactly what you want to see and how much time it will take.
Having downtime to relax is
just as important as seeing all the sites, and doing all the activities.
There is no reason to run yourself into the ground.
If there are things you might’ve missed the first time it gives you a great excuse for revisiting in the future.

The first time I went to London I partied too much.
When it was time to leave I realized there was so much I didn’t see and do.
So I promised myself that I would return and see
all of those things.
A few years later I Did!

Always tell yourself that you will return.
And eventually You Will.

Where is your favorite place to take a vacation from your vacation?
Let me know in the comments below.

Jeremiah Cooper

By Jeremiah Cooper

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