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Cambodia by bus was surprisingly easy and stress-free.
But just like most places in Southeast Asia don’t expect to be on time.

When traveling around Cambodia most backpackers tend to stick to the same path.
I started in Siem Reap and departed out of Phnom Penh.
Google map of the main tourist locations in Cambodia by bus.
My original plan was Siem Reap, Battambang, Koh Rong Islands, Kampot, and Phnom Penh.
But once I was in Battambang I learned that all buses go to Phnom Penh before going to the islands.
So I stayed in Phnom Penh for a couple days before continuing on to Koh Rong.

That helped familiarize me with Phnom Penh for when I’d return.


I don’t know the name of any of the transportation companies I was traveling with.
I simply bought my tickets through my hostels.
So if you stay at Mad Monkey Hostels in Cambodia these journeys might be similar.

Here’s the breakdown of all the bus trips I took throughout Cambodia:


Transportation: Bus.
Price: $10
Pick-up Time: 9:30 am
Actual Pick-up Time: 9:52 am.
11:30 am arrive at Sisophon capitol bus station.
11:45 am depart.
1:10 pm arrive at Battambang capitol bus station.
Supposed to be 3 hrs.
Was actually 3 hr 40 min.


Transportation: Minivan/Bus.
Price: ???
Picked Up from: Lucky Hostel.
Pick-up Time: 8:30 am
Actual Pick-up Time: 8:27 am.
8:34 am arrive at Sorya bus station to transfer buses.
9 am bus arrives.
9:40 am depart.
11:35 am arrive in Boeng Khnar for food. 111 km from Battambang and 185 km to Phnom Penh.
12:05 pm depart.
2:41 pm arrive in Udong for food. 41 km to Phnom Penh.
3:03 pm depart.
4:15 pm arrive in Phnom Penh.
Bus Stop was near Golden Sorya Mall.
Supposed to be 6 hrs.
Was actually 8 hrs.
Cambodia by bus. Colorful interior of bus.


Transportation: Minivan/Boat.
Price: $32.
Picked Up from: Mad Monkey Phnom Penh.
Pick-up Time: 8:30 am
Actual Pick-up Time: 8:54 am.
11:39 am arrive at “333 Pich Nil Coffee” in Pech Nil for food and toilet break. 127 km from Sihanoukville harbor.
11:57 am depart.
2:10 pm arrive at pier.
The 3 pm ferry departs at 3:44 pm.
4:27 pm arrive at Koh Rong.
4:40 pm depart.
4:56 pm arrive at M’Pay Bay.
5:00 pm depart.
5:10 pm arrive at Saracen Beach to transfer to a boat for Mad Monkey Koh Rong Samloem.
5:16 pm depart Saracen Beach.
5:29 pm arrive at ANOTHER pier to transfer to ANOTHER boat.
5:34 pm depart.
6 pm arrive at Mad Monkey Koh Rong Samloem.
Total Time: 9 hrs.


Transportation: Boat.
Price: $5
Pick-up Time: 9:00 am.
Actual Pick-up Time: 9:00 am.
9:30 am arrive at Saracen Pier.
11:30 am boat departs at 11:43 am.
12:19 pm arrive at M’Pay Bay pier drop off and pick up people.
12:26 pm depart.
12:50 pm arrive at Koh Rong.
Supposed to be 2 hrs.
Was actually 3 hrs 50 min.
 Cambodia by bus. A broken and badly built pier on Ko Rong Island.


Transportation: Boat/Bus/Minivan/Bus.
Price: ???
Picked Up from: Koh Rong Pier.
Pick-up Time: 10:00 am.
Actual Pick-up Time: 10:31 am
10:40 am arrive at M’Pay Bay on Koh Rong Samloem to drop off and pick up people.
11:07 am depart.
11:49 am arrive at Loca Boat pier in Sihanoukville.
Outside of the pier the bus to Yasmine Cafe/Serendipity Beach pier departs at 12:01 pm.
12:20 pm arrive at Yasmine Cafe.
12:30 pm minivan to Kampot(so I thought) arrives at 12:40 pm.
12:47 pm depart.

Picked up people and then…

1:03 pm arrive back in town to the Champa Tourist bus office.
1:31 pm bus to Kampot finally departs Sihanoukville.
3:10 pm arrive at Pit Stop for toilet break.
3:20 pm depart.
3:40 pm arrive in Kampot, Champa Bus Station.
Total Time: 5 hrs 10 min.
Cambodia by bus. Main pier on Koh Rong Island.


Transportation: Minivan.
Price: $8.
Picked Up from: Mad Monkey Kampot.
Pick-up Time: 7:30 am.
Actual Pick-up Time: 7:40 am
9:04 am rest stop. 68 km from Phnom Penh.
9:15 am depart.
12 pm arrive in Phnom Penh.
Supposed to be 4 hrs.
Was actually 4 hrs 30 min.

That’s good ol’ Cambodia By Bus.

Hopefully these itineraries make you realize that your time is at the mercy of other people.
So plan accordingly.
Other than that, none of these rides were journeys into hell.
They were actually quite good.
All the buses and minivans were in decent shape.
And there were no accidents like the one in Vietnam.
Have you traveled Cambodia by bus and had some shitty situations?
Let me know in the comments below.
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