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In my first SHIT HAPPENS blog post I had a few stories about getting lost in cities that you’re supposed to be in.
In this post I’ll mention a couple of stories about train ride mistakes en route to your final destinations.


I don’t know what it is about getting into Austria through Czech Republic or vice versa.
I’ve had to do it twice and both times were nothing short of painstakingly slow and a huge pain in the ass.

First of all it doesn’t help that Trains and Buses in Czech Republic are hardly ever on time.
They are nowhere as organized as Switzerland when it comes to punctuality.

But instead of putting all the blame on the Czech I have to take some responsibility in this matter.
On both misadventures I think I took the Inner City Trains instead of the Direct Trains.
I also might have read the time it took to get to my final destination wrong too.

Mistakes will be made.

train ride mistakes
That shouldn’t be too difficult, right?



Prague – Salzburg took 10 hours.
clearly read the timetable wrong on this one.
I won’t say how long I thought it
was supposed to take, to save myself embarrassment.

But let’s just say I thought it was under 5 hours.

When I was on the train I was talking to a young Czech mother.

She informed me that this train would go to a stop where we’d board a bus that would take us to another train.
Then we’d take that train to another stop where we’d switch on to ANOTHER train.
Then that train would take us the rest of the way to Salzburg.
Well that sounded super Fun and Convenient.
Not AT All.


Vienna – Cesky Krumlov took 10 hours and was pretty much the same story only in the opposite direction.

-Train from Vienna to Linz.
-My 90 minute LATE train from Linz to Summerau.
-Then we(as in Myself and ONE other person) took a very tiny 12 seater train from Summerau to The Middle Of Nowhere.
-The Middle Of Nowhere bus arrives and 5 of us hop on that 50 minute death-defying joyride.
-We arrive in Ceske Budejovice where I join 7 other people to take another bus to The Middle Of Nowhere #2.
-Another tiny train(maybe 3 cars) from Middle Of Nowhere #2 takes me to Cesky Krumlov.

It was 12:30 am when I finally arrived and I was the only one around, but I didn’t care.

train ride mistakes
The fun of being lost ends when night time comes.



That’s always a problem for everyone involved.
It’s embarrassing and no one is satisfied.
You try to come up with excuses but no one’s listening.
You’ve Failed!
Oh wait… we’re talking about Trains.
Well, the same thing goes for that too.

Have you ever walked off a train thinking it was your stop, the train leaves and then you realize “this isn’t right“?
I have done that as well.
Maybe I can chalk it up to the fact that it was my 1st time traveling on a train and I didn’t know what I was doing.
Or maybe it was me having my head firmly placed up between my butt cheeks.

Berlin To Munich:

Berlin to Munich takes 7 hours, not 3.
So excuse me if I wasn’t paying attention to the time.
I was enamored by the fact that was I traveling Europe for the 1st time.
While taking in everything around me I just clearly got caught up in the moment.

We arrived in Mannheim.
A lot of people were exiting and entering the train.
I didn’t see a sign for the station and thought “Wow, these trains are fast. I think I’m already here.
An older lady(like Great Grandmother old) got on the train.
I saw her, pointed to the floor and said “Berlin?
She nodded Yes, so I hopped off the train.
What I should have done was pointed OUT THE WINDOW, not at the floor.

YES, the TRAIN is going to Berlin.
NO, that place outside is NOT Berlin.

As soon as I stepped off the train something didn’t feel right.
The train pulls away.
I hear some English in the distance so I ask “Is this Berlin?
They reply with the dreaded words of “Nope. You have a few more hours to go.
Incompetence sets in.
I Got Off Too Soon.
Luckily for me it was mid-day and the next train to Berlin was in an hour.

train ride mistakes
Before I got off too soon.


As the saying goes, “SHIT HAPPENS”.

Train ride mistakes will happen and there’s not much you can do about it.
Just roll with the punches and enjoy the ride.
It’s not the end of the world; you will be fine.

The best thing you can take away from these experiences is the lesson learned.
And the stories you will have to tell.
At least that’s what I’ve taken away from them.
That and to double-check the time and distance between locations.

Have you ever had a train ride from Hell?
Tell me about it in the Comments below.

Jeremiah Cooper

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