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Taking taxis is usually the worst idea ever.
It’s a guaranteed way to get ripped off.
But I found Bangkok to be one of the best places for taxis if you don’t fall for bullshit.


Bangkok has an even amount of trustworthy drivers and liars.
Luckily it’s easy to tell the difference between the two.

If you need a cab, immediately say to the driver “Meter?”
If they say No or want to “give you a deal” tell them to take off.
They’re the shady liars.
Usually they say I’ll give you a deal for 200 baht($6.30).
That’s not a good deal unless they’re taking you across the whole city.
And in that case you might as well be taking the Bangkok metro.

Fares in taxis start at 35 Baht.
I took a taxi from Hualamphong Station to Khao San Rd and it cost 63 baht($1.98).
That distance is a little under 5 km.

If you’re staying in a centralized area of Bangkok most attractions should be less than 80 baht away.

Taxi in Bangkok. List of taxi prices per kilometer.


I met a lot of people that didn’t trust taxis so they decided to use tuk tuks instead.
Maybe they thought they’d be cheaper because they’re not as nice as taxis.
They couldn’t be more wrong.

Every driver I talked to said tuk tuk’s start at 200($6.30).
So they’re just as bad as the dickhead taxis.
The only advantage a tuk tuk has is that they’re small enough to swerve through traffic.
So you might get somewhere quicker than in a taxi, but it’ll cost you.

Taxi in Bangkok. Driver of a tuk tuk in Bangkok.


The worst taxis to approach are the ones where the driver is standing outside of his taxi.
They usually hang around attractions and Khao San Road and they’ll refuse to turn their meters on.
And they don’t care either.
Because they know that someone will fall for their bullshit.
And they’ll eventually get someone to overpay.

Some drivers might hang outside of your hostel or hotel.
They usually take some haggling to get them to turn on their meter.
I attempted my first taxi ride outside of the Mad Monkey hostel.
He made up every excuse to keep his meter off, but eventually he gave in.

Luckily Bangkok is full of taxis and you’ll never have to wait long to find one.
The best approach is to wave down a taxi from the street and always ask for the Meter.
You might get 3 assholes in a row that say No to the meter but you’ll always find someone good.
Not all drivers are cons.

Taxi in Bangkok. List of additional charges for a taxi.


Always carry small notes or change.
Lots of drivers will claim that they don’t have the proper change for big notes.
So they end up getting a little extra out of you.

Don’t expect taxi drivers to know every road in Bangkok.
Also, a lot of them are very limited with their English.
So always have your destination written in Thai if at all possible.
If you’re trying to get to your hotel have your address available on Google Maps or Maps Me.
A phone number for your accommodation is also helpful.
That way they can get directions from a Thai speaker.

Bangkok by Taxi isn’t bad.

In Bangkok I’ve had more good experiences with taxis than I have bad ones.
And they save you more money than taking tuk tuks.
Give them a try.

Do you have any good or bad taxi stories from Bangkok?
Do you think the taxis are alright, or was I just lucky?
Let me know in the comments below.

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