OFF THE BEATEN PATH – Tarifa, Spain.

I’ll be honest; I can’t quite remember what it was that brought me to Tarifa, Spain.

Distant view of Tarifa, Spain.
I was hanging out with a friend in Seville and we were heading down to Gibraltar to see another friend.
Maybe we thought Tarifa would be a good place to stay for the night?
I know it’s the launching point for people that want to take a ferry over to Tangier, Morocco.
But I pretty much depleted my funds at that point so I know I wasn’t doing that.
Honestly I don’t know what brought me to this off the beaten path location; but I’m glad I ended up there.


Tarifa is a tiny beach town on the southernmost tip of Spain and Continental Europe for that matter.
There isn’t much to see and do there, but when we were checking into our hostel a few people asked us if we were going down to the beach.
We said it was too cold to hang out on the beach but they said the weather was perfect for them.


Windsport Destination.

The reason the weather was perfect for them was because they were windsurfers.
We came to find out that Tarifa is one of the world’s most popular destinations for windsports.
The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea come together in the Strait Of Gibraltar and cause for some serious winds in that area.

Once we found this out we did decide to go down to the beach.
Watching windsurfers and kite surfers play around in the water actually sounded fun.
Down by the beach is also the Punta de Tarifa; which is a little island connected with a causeway that used to be occupied by military.
We ended up hanging out there and checking out the remains of old towers and buildings while watching the surfers from afar.


Tarifa, Spain.

Tarifa has a castle(Guzman Castle) that was built in 960A.D. and a 16th century Gothic style Church of St. Matthew.
There’s also the Castle of St. Catalina; but it’s actually just an observation tower that was built in 1931 in the style of a 16th-Century castle.
The town itself has a bit of a beach bum/hippie vibe to it; and even though it’s in Spain there is a decent amount of Arabic influence, especially in the clothing.
There’s quite a few shops that sell a lot of fabric, pants, and scarfs from Morocco.

OffTheTarifa08We were there in September so it felt like we had much of the town to ourselves.
Unfortunately we only stayed in Tarifa for less than 36 hours, so I didn’t get explore as much as I would have liked.

If you love windsports then I’m sure you already know that THIS is the place to be in Europe.
If you like Moroccan fabrics and don’t want to go to Morocco this is a good place to buy some clothes.
But if you DO want to go to Morocco this is the place to leave from.
And if you’d like a nice quiet place to stay while making a day trip to the rock of Gibraltar to see monkeys than this is also a good place for you to stay.

Sunset in Tarifa, Spain.
Whenever I go back to Spain I will surely make my way back to tiny Tarifa and try to experience it to its fullest.

Have you ever been Tarifa, Spain?

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