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Surely you’ve heard of Toblerone or Lindt chocolates.
And surely your mouth is already watering by seeing those names(I know mine is).
Those are just 2 of the many brands of Swiss chocolate you have the pleasure of devouring Switzerland.

I was very excited to go to Switzerland because I knew of all the fun to be had and the amazing landscapes.
But I’d be lying if I said stuffing my face full of chocolate like a fat kid wasn’t something I was looking forward to also.

A few weeks earlier I was in Belgium devouring Belgian Chocolate.
It seemed like a good idea to ramp up my sugar intake once again.
But this time it would be with Swiss chocolate bars.

Swiss chocolate
Not big enough.

During my stay in Interlaken I was making daily trips to the grocery store.
Trying as many varieties of chocolate as I could.
Knowing I should eat something healthy I felt guilty a few times.
But I shoved that guilt away as soon as I shoved a new chocolate bar into my face.
I was OK with that…. still am.Swiss chocolate

Can’t Escape the Swiss Chocolate Takeover!

Cailler chocolates became my new friend.
There was so many varieties of Cailler in that grocery store I didn’t even know where to begin.
There was a whole aisle designated for my Swiss chocolate addiction.
I figured I’d start from left to right and see how far I could make it.
I didn’t even make it to the middle.
I was overpowered and defeated by the abundance of chocolate.Swiss ChocolateThe next time I go to Switzerland I will try to defeat that delicious cocoa monster again.
Regardless, I have a feeling I’m gonna need more time and a bigger army.
Who’s coming with me?
We need to set up the ultimate battle plan.

Have you ever been on a Swiss Chocolate Diet in Switzerland?
Let me know about it in the comments.

Jeremiah Cooper

By Jeremiah Cooper

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