Surely you’ve heard of Toblerone or Lindt chocolates.
And surely your mouth is already watering by seeing those names(I know mine is).
Those are just 2 of the many brands of Swiss chocolate one has the pleasure of devouring Switzerland.

I was very excited to go to Switzerland because I knew of all the fun to be had and the amazing landscapes.
But I’d be lying if I said stuffing my face full of chocolate like a fat kid wasn’t something I was looking forward to also.

Not big enough.
Not big enough.

During my stay in Interlaken I was making daily trips to the grocery store.
Trying as many varieties of chocolate as I could.
I felt guilty a few times knowing I should try to eat something nutritious.
But I shoved that guilt into a dark corner as soon as I shoved a new chocolate bar into my face.
I was OK with that…. still am.


Cailler became my new friend.
There was so many varieties of Cailler in that grocery store I didn’t even know where to begin.
There was a whole aisle designated for my Swiss chocolate addiction.
I figured I’d start from left to right and see how far I could make it.
I didn’t even make it to the middle.
I was overpowered and defeated by the abundance of chocolate.

I'll have one of you and you and you and you...
I’ll have one of you and you and you and you…

The next time I go to Switzerland I will try to defeat that delicious cocoa monster again.
Regardless, I have a feeling I’m gonna need more time and a bigger army.
Who’s coming with me?
We need to set up the ultimate battle plan.

Have you ever been on a Swiss Chocolate Diet in Switzerland?
Let me know about it in the comments.

Jeremiah Cooper

Jeremiah Cooper

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