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I don’t like smoking.
It doesn’t matter if it’s Cigarettes, Human Bones, Crack, or plain ol’ weed.
I find no appeal in it.

Inhaling smoke into my lungs doesn’t make sense to me.
But the 2nd time I went to the Netherlands I did it anyways.

smoking weed Netherlands
See how Cool I look!?!
I was hanging out with some Dutch friends and they were all surprised I didn’t smoke weed.
To them it’s
just like cigarettes.
And most of the time they roll weed into their cigarettes anyways.
It’s a weed smoking country that’s for sure.
I told them that I’ve never even smoked a cigarette.
So I actually DIDN’T KNOW HOW to smoke.
They took it upon themselves to “teach” me.
I should have known I was going to be in for a long night right there.
smoking weed Netherlands

“Just Breathe It In.”

Just breathe it in” they’d say.
I don’t think I breathed it in once.
I know I held it in my mouth, I swallowed it, and coughed a bunch.
But I could not “breathe it in” for the life of me.
It seemed like an eternity that I attempted this.

I tried so much that someone even said “You have to be high by now.
I wasn’t.
eventually gave up.
It tasted horrible, my throat, chest, and lungs were in pain and my voice sounded like a frogs croak.
smoking weed Netherlands
See how Uncool I look!?!

Trying To Order Weed.

The next night my friend wanted to further my embarrassment.
So she recommended we go to a coffee shop and I would order for the both of us.
She lived in Wageningen, a small college town about 1 hour Southeast of Amsterdam.
Hardly any tourists around so most of the signs and the menu were in Dutch.

I already had no idea how to go about this.
But she suggested I get a hash joint because it would be less harsh on my lungs.
After 20 seconds of me standing there like an idiot, the man behind the counter looks at her and says “can you order instead?”

Game Over.

I never smoked the hash joint.
I just gave it to her the next day.
My smoking days were over before they even began.

smoking weed NetherlandsI tried, I failed, and I don’t care to succeed.

Do you Cheech & Chong’s have any good smoking stories you’d like to share?
Leave them in the comments below

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