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Overnight trains don’t seem to be my forte.
I’ve attempted to use them 3 different times.
It has only worked out for me once and that’s because I had a local book the train for me.
The other 2 times did not work in my favor, this is one of those times.

Munich, Germany to Venice, Italy.
7 hour overnight train.
No problem, right?

sleeping overbooked train
Leaving Munich for some sleep… or so I thought.

I can’t recall why I thought I’d be enjoying a sleeper cab in first class, but that’s not at all what happened.
The entire train was second class, reservations only, and completely booked full.
I’m surprised they even let me on an overbooked train.
Because there was literally no available seats anywhere.

Oh wait, yes there was.


There were tiny “seats” that folded down from the wall in one of the hallways.
But they were hardly capable of holding a persons ass.
Luckily for me there were 3 of them about 11″ apart from each other.
So if I sat on the middle one I could pull one of them down andslightly rest my arm and head on it.
Then with my foot I could pull down the 3rd one to rest my feet on that.
However, the seats only folded out a few inches from the wall.
basically had to lay sideways to get most of my body on them.
sleeping overbooked train
See those squares on the right? Those are the pull out “seats”.

Comfort was impossible and sleep was becoming less and less a reality.
I think I managed only a few minutes of sleep at a time.
But anytime there was a strong curve in the railroad track I’d almost fall from the “seats”.
Also whenever someone walked down the hallway I’d wake up.

sleeping overbooked train


As the sun started to rise the train started making stops again.
At the first stop some early rising English speakers boarded the train.
I could hear them down the hallway talking about how the entire train was full.
Eventually they made it down to my section of the train.Upon seeing me, one of the girls said “Oh my God, there’s actually people sleeping in the hallway!
Ijust continued pretending to sleep.
After a few hours of trying to sleep I gave in to the realization that it was not happening on this night.

No Sleep Till… Florence.

When I finally made it to Venice I was blown away by what I saw and it gave me a 2nd wind.
I even had the energy to explore the whole city and I cancelled my hostel reservation.
I actually boarded another train that evening to go to Florence before nightfall.
On that night Sleep was Glorious.

Sleep was Divine!!!

Have you ever been on a overbooked train with nowhere to sit or sleep?
Let me hear your train horror stories in the comments.

Jeremiah Cooper

By Jeremiah Cooper

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