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To say that Venice is a romantic city is as obvious as saying Athens is a great city to see old architecture.
So it’s clear I’m not mentioning anything new here.
However I believe cities that live up to their hype should continue to be hyped.

romantic Venice

In my first post about Romantic European Getaways I talked about Brugge.
A place that gets looked over too often. Venice, Italy is the complete opposite of that.
Without a doubt it’s one of the most visited destinations in
all of Europe.
Honestly it’s too visited.
As a result, the city is sinking and the population is dwindling down.
Be that as it may I still recommend people to visit if they’re in Italy.

romantic Venice
Wander And Get Lost.

Venice was the 1st city in Europe that really gave me culture shock.
I was blown away by a city on water that had boats as the main form of transportation.
The boat transportation is also the main romantic tourist attraction to partake in.
The Gondola rides through the “roads” of Venice are infamous.

I was travelling through Venice by myself, so I never took part in a Gondola ride.
Nonetheless, I still found romantic settings while walking through the city.
Venice is one of the best cities to wander and get lost in.
The tiny alleys on the outskirts of the main tourist attractions are gorgeous.
They’re also a much-needed break from all the people.
Aimlessly wandering through alleys was one of my highlights of the city.

romantic Venice
St. Mark’s Square.

Obviously a trip to Venice isn’t complete without going to St. Mark’s Square.
The crowded surroundings are to
be expected but this area is as beautiful as anywhere else in the city.
Since my 1st time there I heard authorities have cracked down on the feeding of pigeons.

So I’m sure it has made the square even more enjoyable.

The architecture, views, and atmosphere makes this square one of my personal favorites.
Even with the high prices in this area it’s still one of those places to find a seat and soak in the surroundings.

romantic Venice
One of the Classics.

In conclusion I know I’m not breaking new ground on why one should visit Venice.
Everyone knows Venice is a romantic city and a great European getaway.
I just wanted to give credit where credit is due.

Congratulations Venice.
You might be sinking into dirty water and overrun by tourists.
But you’re still a romantic getaway that everyone should visit at least once.

Do you think Venice is a romantic city and nice European getaway?
Let me know below.

Jeremiah Cooper

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