There are many cities in the world that backpackers might describe as Fun, Wild, Lively, or even Boring.
I feel like I’ve been to quite a few of them.
However there’s one description that isn’t mentioned as much as the others.
That is: Romantic.

Now I’m not talking about some nice little bungalow resort on a white sandy beach.
That’s too easy.
I’m talking about places of concrete and stone with traffic and noises.

It also needs to be a place that if you took a special someone to they would melt in your arms.
Feeling like they were thrust into a Nicholas Sparks book.

As I travel around and visit more places this topic will continue to grow.
So if you don’t see your favorite destination now, you might see it later.
Or you might not see it at all.
Some people might consider fishing romantic…… and others, Not So Much.

So without further ado I bring you Romantic European Getaway Number 1:

BRUGGE, Belgium.

It didn’t take much time for me to blown away by this place.
As a matter of fact after one day and night I knew this would be a great place to take someone on a romantic getaway.

There’s a certain storybook vibe about Brugge.
Even with a population over 100,000 people it feels like there could be less than half of that there.
Depending on what back streets you take it seems like you have the entire city to yourself.

The first thing that stood out to me was the construction of the buildings.
It seemed like every house was brick and had been there for hundreds of years(which they
probably have been).
All the streets throughout the city center
are made of cobblestone.
Which meshed well with the brick buildings everywhere.
I felt like I
was taken back in time.
romantic BruggeNumerous canals surround the city center.
Unlike the canals of Amsterdam, these actually looked clean.
Taking a boat through them and having a picnic on one of the brick bridges would make for a perfect afternoon.romantic BruggeEverywhere I walked seemed very safe and the city is really easy to navigate.
Some the streets and walkways become very narrow like you’re walking through a labyrinth.
That added a certain mystique to the city that I loved.
I would get lost on purpose just to see what was around the next corner.
Getting back to the Grote Markt was easy because the Bell Tower overlooks everything.
And as long as you can see that you’ll find your way back to familiar territory.romantic Brugge


Chocolate is an Aphrodisiac.

Now on to the main thing that brought you to Belgium and the most romantic thing in Brugge: THE CHOCOLATE!!!
Lets face it; there’s nothing sexier than chocolate.
If you don’t agree, Just Walk Away Now.
There are many shops throughout this city that serve chocolate.
There’s even a place that has chocolate boobs and butts if you’re looking for something a bit more titillating.romantic BruggeA great place to enjoy your make-out session with chocolate is east of the Grote Markt, near Kruis Gate.
Over there is a nice hilly area with 2 large Windmills(Koeleweimolen and Sint-Janhuismolen).
Perfect place for a picnic.romantic Brugge

Romantic Brugge at Night.

Before you and your partner go sprinting back to your accommodation for the rest of the evening.
Make sure to witness Brugge at night.
It’s as gorgeous at night as it is in the day time.
Everything is lit up.
And the reflections off the canal makes this city a great place for a romantic nighttime stroll.
romantic Brugge
Grote Markt at night.
Brugge is a city that’s not too overpopulated.
If you do some exploring you can have a small piece of this place all to yourself.

Would you, or have you, ever taken a loved one to romantic Brugge for a little getaway?
Let me hear about in the comments below.

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