Alcohol and Rafting in Cesky Krumlov!!!
Of course this is going to be awesome.

In the Czech Republic, 2 hours south of Prague, is a small city known as Cesky Krumlov.
It’s only about 9 square miles.
The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The castle has bears in the moat.
And your parents favorite movie: HOSTEL, was filmed there.

I went there for all those reasons and because I heard it was a great looking fairy tale city; which is absolutely true.
As soon as you cross into the Old Town it’s like stepping into a time machine to a more medieval time.
Cesky Krumlov has definitely become one of my favorite small cities.

Above all, another reason I wanted to check out Cesky Krumlov was because of a hostel I heard about.
I heard they had a different approach to a pub crawl that I wanted to experience.
To some that might sound like a lame excuse to visit a place, but whatever… I’ll do what I want.

Awesome little place.
Awesome little place.



“Rafting 99” is a rafting Pub Crawl hosted by Hostel 99 that takes you around the Vltava River.
After having a hell of a time getting to Cesky Krumlov the night before I was up surprisingly early.
I had enough time to see some of the sites in the gorgeous Old Town and get back to the hostel by 1pm to start the 6 hour pub crawl.

Hostel 99 starts by taking you down to the Vltava River, loading everyone into rafts, and saying “Just follow the river around.
Along the way there’s small bars and stands that sell beer and alcohol.
Whenever you want to drink you just paddle over, get out, drink, and head back down the river.
It sounded like perfect mayhem.

Rafting pub crawl in Cesky Krumlov.
You know you want to go there.


No One Is Safe.

We had 3 rafts all filled with about 7 people each.
It took no time to realize how one could get really wasted on this trip.
Lots of sun, beer, paddling, and eventually a lot of trying to crawl back into the raft.
Once everyone had a good buzz going is when people decided to start throwing each other overboard.
I ended up with a cup of water in the face and then pushed overboard.
I survived but my sunglasses were not so lucky.

Always travel with 2 pairs of sunglasses.
Always travel with 2 pairs of sunglasses.

No parts of the river were dangerous as it’s mostly calm and nowhere looked to be really deep.
The beer stalls and riverside bars were also really cheap(to be expected in Czech Republic).
They catered quite nicely to drunken tourists.

Unless you stayed at a bar for a really long time the whole trip took about 6 hours.
The hostel staff was waiting at the end with vans to drive everyone and the rafts back to the hostel to drink even more.

Consuming more beer afterwards.
Consuming more beer afterwards.

It was definitely one of the funnest pub crawls I’ve been on and I highly recommend it if you’re in Cesky Krumlov.

Have you ever participated in the rafting pub crawl in Cesky Krumlov?
Let me know in the comments.

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