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Quiet and Peaceful island of Koh Lipe, Thailand.

Koh Lipe was the most peaceful island I went to during my month in Thailand.
It was also the island I knew the least about.
As I originally had no intentions of going there.

I was hanging out on the Malaysian island of Langkawi wondering where to go next.
I opened up Maps Me and noticed a tiny Thai island that looked like it was a stones throw away.
So I decided to start my Thailand adventure there.

peaceful island Koh Lipe. Koh Lipe graffiti on wall.

Visiting during Low Season.

I visited Koh Lipe in late August which is their low season(also rainy season).
My hostel owner told me that the island usually has about 800 locals.
But during the low season half of them leave.
That also meant a lot of bars and restaurants were closed.
But this didn’t bother me as there were still plenty of places to choose from.
Plus, the lack of people is exactly what I wanted.

Even though I was there during the rainy season it hardly interfered.
Out of the 4 days I was there 2 days had rain.
But they weren’t all-day downpours.
On those days the rain started in the morning and was back to beautiful blue skies by the afternoon.
Not once did the rain ruin my plans for the day.

Koh Lipe Beaches.

The main attractions of Koh Lipe are their 3 beaches.
Pattaya, Sunrise, and Sunset.
All 3 are worth a visit while you’re there.
But you’ll quickly realize which one is the best.

Pattaya Beach.

The main beach on Koh Lipe is Pattaya Beach.
This is the beach that you’ll arrive at.
Pattaya Beach has the most water traffic and the most development around it.

I went to Pattaya one day for snorkeling and didn’t have the best experience.
The waves were too big and the sand was stirred up a lot.
The visibility wasn’t the best, so I decided to go to my favorite beach instead.

Sunrise Beach.

Sunrise Beach is clearly the best beach on the island.
It’s clean, the water is nice, there’s not much development around, and the snorkeling is amazing.
Not too far offshore you’ll see two tiny rock islands, Koh Kra and Koh Usen.
The snorkeling around Koh Unsen was some of the best I’d ever seen.

Sunrise Beach is also so long that you have plenty of space to yourself to relax and enjoy the sun.
It is a great beach for wasting the entire day at.

peaceful island Koh Lipe. Longtail boats and tiny island in the distance from Sunrise Beach.

Sunset Beach.

From my experience, Sunset Beach was the complete opposite from Sunrise Beach.
This beach was tiny and filthy.
The sunset was the only reason to go there.

My hostel owner warned me in advance about it.
He said, due to the tides at that time of the year the shoreline would be covered in trash.
He was not wrong.
It was horrible.

Even without the trash I would not have liked that beach very much anyways.
It’s really secluded and you have to walk through a mosquito-filled jungle to get there.

peaceful island Koh Lipe. Sunset over Sunset Beach.

Activities and Day Trips from Koh Lipe.

I mostly snorkeled while I was on Koh Lipe.
You can rent a mask and fins at most places for 50-100 baht.
I wanted to be lazy and not spend a lot of money, so I didn’t do any other activities.

peaceful island Koh Lipe. Colorful fish seen while snorkeling off Sunrise Beach.

One other activity that sparked my interest was kayaking.
There’s many places on the island where you can rent a kayak.
Most people take them around the tiny islands off the shore of Sunrise Beach.

Kayaking around Koh Lipe in search of tiny hidden beaches would be fun as well.
Koh Lipe is not large at all, so it wouldn’t take much time to go around the island.

Boat tours around neighboring islands.

You can book day trips to neighboring islands all over Koh Lipe.
Most shops have a variety of different options and islands to visit.
Search around and see what looks best to you.
You might even be able to ask long-tail boat owners on the beaches what they offer as well.

Hike and find waterfalls on Koh Adang.

Koh Adang is the big island to the north of Koh Lipe.
Day trips to hike Koh Adang can be booked all over the island.
If you want to be really adventurous he can even kayak there.
It’s not too far.

Do bring money though.
As you’ll need to buy a Tarutao National Marine Park ticket, which costs 200 baht for foreigners.


Not once did I have a bad meal in Koh Lipe.
It didn’t matter if it was local or western.
All the food I had was delicious.

My favorite place for breakfast was the Thai Pancake Shop.
It’s located on Walking Street right across from the “YooHoo” Thai Pancake lady.
The YooHoo pancake lady seems tempting with her “YooHoo” call.
But some reviews might make you second guess her.
The Thai Pancake Shop on the other hand was always delicious(and cheap).
Plus they have every Thai pancake you could possibly think of.

peaceful island Koh Lipe. Thai pancake covered in honey and caramel.

The seafood on Koh Lipe is as good as it gets.
And you won’t have any problems finding amazing Thai food.
But if you’re really craving pizza, you’re also in luck.

My helpful ITALIAN hostel owner told me that Koh Lipe actually has a lot of Italian expats on the island.
He said all the pizza places are Italian owned.
So if you’re craving pizza(like I always am) you’ll actually get some authentic Italian pizza on Koh Lipe.


Koh Lipe is a peaceful island, not a party island.
So you won’t find too many places that get loud and rowdy.

There’s a couple bar/restaurants on Pattaya Beach that have some fire shows.
And you might also be able to find some decent happy hour specials.
But island living has never been very kind with their drink prices.

Elephant was a fun place to go to at night.
The locals playing acoustic guitars will try to get everyone involved in karaoke.
Elephant also stays open until 1 am, so it’s one of the few places you can stay late.

peaceful island Koh Lipe. Locals and tourist singing karaoke at Elephant Bar.

During my walk to Sunset Beach I passed Home Bar.
It was closed, so I didn’t go in.
But it looked very trippy and weird.
It would have been worth a visit just to see more of it.

peaceful island Koh Lipe. Exterior of Home Bar.

Peace and Quiet.

Koh Lipe was the perfect peaceful island to start my journey into Thailand.
The other 5 islands I visited were complete opposites, with raging parties and shady behavior, but I enjoyed them just as much.

Have you ever been to Koh Lipe?
Let me know about your experience in the comments below.

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