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Backpacking through Southeast Asia is one way of saying: 
“I’m going to party A LOT!!”
Finding that group of people to get crazy and drunk with is much easier if you check into the right hostel.
Below is my list of the Best Party Hostels in Southeast Asia.

The hostels are divided into 2 different categories.

The first category is “Social, but Not Crazy“.
It’s pretty self-explanatory.
You’ll find plenty of backpackers to mingle with.
Some might get drunk and a little loud, but you’ll still be able to have a decent night’s sleep.

The second category is “Good Luck Sleeping“.
These are the places where drinking games start while the sun is still out.
Half naked Brits will be running around.
And the STD’s flow as freely as the beer.
Sleeping with earplugs might help block out the noise.
But getting blackout drunk is the guaranteed way to sleep through the night.


BEGADANG(Social, but Not Crazy) – Gili Air, Lombok.

Begadang is a relaxing hostel on a relaxing island.
They are known for their mushroom-shaped swimming pool and bamboo hut rooms.
Leaving this hostel is very difficult because most of your day will be spent in the pool.
People struggled just to leave for food.
There’s a bar called Space Bar that is right across from Begadang.
If you’re looking for a certain little fungus that’ll take you to space this is the place to go.
*wink wink*

LA FAVELA(Social, but Not Crazy) – Gili Trawangan, Lombok.

La Favela is a social hostel with Free breakfast, a bar, and swimming pool.
The rooms also only have 3 beds in each of them.
Which betters your chance for peaceful sleep.

Most people usually leave during the day.
But you’ll find some people who stay around the pool all day.
After dinner is when most people gather around at the bar for camaraderie and drinking games.


REGGAE MANSION(Social, but Not Crazy/Good Luck Sleeping) – Kuala Lumpur.

Due to KL being a great city to “border hop” to I stayed at this hostel more times than any other hostel.
This hostel can be “Social, but Not Crazy” and it could also be “Good Luck Sleeping”.
It depends on the groups of people staying there and what day of the week it is.

Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. Rooftop view from Reggae Mansion.They have a restaurant/bar and common area downstairs.
And they also have a rooftop bar.
On the weekends the rooftop can get wild.
But sometimes it is completely dead.
If you stay in 24 Bed Mixed Dorm you’ll always be able to find some people to socialize with.

TIPSY TIGER PARTY HOSTEL(Good Luck Sleeping) – Penang.

Tipsy Tiger is #1 on my list of the craziest Asian party hostels.
It might even be the craziest hostel I’ve stayed in EVER!
I thought Retox in Budapest would keep that title, but Tipsy Tiger might have won.
If you don’t see at least 3 naked people run through the bar before the night is over I’d be surprised.

Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. I love Penang sign.From 7 pm until midnight this place gets wild QUICK.
Drinking games are encouraged by the staff and they’re always gonna get dirty.
The hostel closes its bar at midnight and everyone leaves for a pub crawl.
Also, expect to go to sleep to/or wake up to people in the dorm having sex.
It Will Happen!


LUB D PHUKET PATONG(Social, but Not Crazy) – Phuket.

Lub D Phuket might be one of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed at.
They have many areas for socializing.
Including a boxing ring, hammocks, beanbag chairs, glass swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

Lub D is also only about a 10 minute walk from Bangla Road.
The main party street in Patong.

SLUMBER PARTY KOH PHANGAN(Social, but Not Crazy) – Koh Phangan.

Slumber Party Koh Phangan might be a “Good Luck Sleeping” hostel if you’re there during the Full Moon Party.
I wasn’t there during that time so I can’t be sure.
I did notice that most of the island seemed rather empty.
So I’m assuming the Full Moon Party must really liven this place up.

When I was at Slumber Party there seemed to be a decent social vibe, but I didn’t stay in the main hostel.
I rented one of their private bungalows about a mile away, near the beach.
Whenever I’d go to the main hostel there were always people socializing, drinking, and playing games.
So staying in one of those dorms probably has a good social environment.

MAD MONKEY BANGKOK(Good Luck Sleeping) – Bangkok.

Mad Monkey is a chain of party hostels in Southeast Asia.
They all have the same party vibe.
And that vibe is to Go Hard!!

The downstairs bar at Mad Monkey Bangkok gets pretty loud and packed every night.
Surprisingly I was still able to have decent sleep at this hostel.
Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. The entrance to Mad Monkey Bangkok Hostel.

STAMPS BACKPACKERS(Social, but Not Crazy) – Chaing Mai.

Stamps Backpackers is a small hostel done right.
There’s a tight family vibe at this place.
The small bar downstairs usually has nightly activities.
And the staff always try to get everyone involved.

They also have takeaway breakfast for people who are doing early morning excursions.


HOSTEL 9 YANGON(Social, but Not Crazy) – Yangon.

I stayed at Hostel 9 during the week of Thingyan(Burmese Water Festival).
The hostel might have been more social because of this.

During the day, most people gather at the restaurant and common area downstairs.
They also have a beer packed refrigerator down there.
Later in the evening is when you’ll find most people at their rooftop bar.

OSTELLO BELLO INLE LAKE(Social, but Not Crazy) – Nyaung Shwe.

Ostello Bello is a chain hostel throughout Myanmar(and Italy).
They’ve taken over the Myanmar market.
There’s still many places in Myanmar that foreigners are not allowed to visit.
But for the cities you are allowed to visit there’s probably an Ostello Bello hostel there.

The restaurant and common area is downstairs.
At night they have Happy Hour on their rooftop bar.
They usually have a DJ and every night has something going on.
Whether it’s drinking games or a large local dinner.

This was the nicest and most social of the Ostello Bellos I stayed at.

OSTELLO BELLO BAGAN(Social, but Not Crazy) – Bagan.

This Ostello Bello was a more tame version of the one near Inle Lake.
It had a bar, restaurant, and common area all downstairs.
And it also had a rooftop area.
But for whatever reason the rooftop was empty every night.
Not once did I ever see anyone up there.
Everyone stayed at the bottom to socialize.
Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. Coconut carvings at Ostello Bello Bagan.

OSTELLO BELLO MANDALAY(Social, but Not Crazy) – Mandalay.

Ostello Bello Mandalay was not much different from the other Ostello Bellos.
Most of the socializing takes place downstairs in the restaurant/common room area.
They do have a chill-out area on the roof but it was ignored for the downstairs.


NANA BACKPACKERS(Good Luck Sleeping) – Vang Vieng.

If it wasn’t for Tipsy Tiger in Penang, Nana Backpackers would be #1 for craziest party hostel in Southeast Asia.
Do you like FREE alcohol, a swimming pool, and loud music?
This is the place to be.
Party Hostels in Southeast Asia.Do not expect to find backpackers with morals here.
You drop that shit off at the gate.
Nana Backpackers is a place to get wild.
Many people stay longer than they expect.

People have to be dragged away from this place for their own good.
Their liver, wallet, and future thank them when they finally leave.


MAD MONKEY SIEM REAP(Good Luck Sleeping) – Siem Reap.

Mad Monkey Siem Reap lives up to the reputation of most Mad Monkeys.
This one might have been my favorite.
Swimming pool, beanbag chairs, and bar all right next to each other.

Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. Mad Monkey Siem Reap barThe swimming pool closes pretty early.
But it forces everyone to go to the rooftop.
The rooftop has a bar, restaurant, and nightly drinking games.
The bar closes around midnight.
Then the staff takes everyone to Pub Street for the nightly pub crawls.


Mad Monkey Koh Rong Samloem is the closest you will ever get to living in the movie The Beach.
This hostel is your own private paradise.
There are no roads to get there.
Only a boat.

Mad Monkey Koh Rong Samloem has this whole part of the island all to themselves.
Their private beach makes this place even more special.
Because at night you can swim with the bioluminescent plankton.

At the end of their pier they have rope swings and a bar.
Most afternoons the drinking starts there.
But it continues into the early hours of the morning back at the main bar/common area.

Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. Mad Monkey Koh Rong Samloem monkey art on wall.Due to the seclusion you will not be able to get to an ATM.
So come prepared with plenty of cash.
Because you will spend more than you expect.
There’s also no wi-fi either.
So you are forced to be social.

Sleep only happens when you pass out.
Drinking contests run at all hours of the day.
The staff is drinking as much, if not more, than you.

Also, don’t expect to leave when you think you will.
This hostel has a way to keep you there forever.

MAD MONKEY KAMPOT(Social, but Not Crazy) – Kampot.

Mad Monkey Kampot was the most chilled out Mad Monkey I stayed at.
It’s a nice place to relax your liver and actually get some sleep.
They still had a swimming pool, bar, and restaurant.
But the vibe is definitely more relaxed here.
Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. Mad Monkey Kampot monkey art on wall.

MAD MONKEY PHNOM PENH(Social, but Not Crazy/Good Luck Sleeping) – Phnom Penh.

Mad Monkey Phnom Penh is split into 2 different buildings.
Because of this split it also allows it to be social or completely out of control.
Just depends on which side you stay.

Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. Wall graffiti.The main building with the reception, swimming pool, and small bar is Social, but Not Crazy.
The other building across the street is where most things get crazy.
There’s a restaurant and bar on the ground floor.
As well as a rooftop bar.

If you know you’re gonna be a drinking maniac this is the side to stay on.
Everything is so much easier when your bed is closer to the bar.
The rooftop bar closes at midnight and then the staff takes everyone out for a Pub Crawl.


THE HIDEOUT(Social, but Not Crazy) – Ho Chi Minh.

The Hideout is a centrally located hostel near many of the attractions around Ho Chi Minh.
Each night you stay at the hostel you get 2 Free beers.
Their rooftop bar knows how to get you to spend your money too.
They have drink specials almost every hour.

The Hideout is also very close to Bui Vien Walking Street which is packed full of bars and restaurants.
Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. Drunk guy passed out on bathroom floor.

MUI NE HILLS BACKPACKERS(Social, but Not Crazy) – Mui Ne.

I’m sure Mui Ne Hills CAN get crazy, there’s plenty of opportunities for it to happen.
When I was there the craziness was around but not at intense levels.
Mui Ne Hills might be the best deal out of all the Southeast Asian party hostels I’ve been to.
For less than $4 you get a dorm room, 3 pools, great views, bar, restaurant, and drinking games each night.
Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. Mui Ne Hills Backpackers big pool.The relaxed vibe and different pools makes this hostel very hard to leave.
During the evening Pillow Fights take place over the main pool.
At night Drinking Trivia and Beer Pong usually happens.

TRIBEE KINH(Social, but Not Crazy) – Hoi An.

Tribee Kinh is one of the many Tribee Hostels in Hoi An.
Tribee Kinh is known as the party hostel though.

This hostel gets extremely social later into the night.
So much so that the bar is almost impossible to walk through.
Fridays you get FREE Beer.
Tuesdays and Saturdays you get FREE Rum and Coke.
Their bar closes at 11 pm or 12 am and the staff takes everyone out to the bars along the river.

Staying at any of the Tribee hostels gets you access to the pool of Tribee Ede.


Vietnam Backpacker Downtown is a great hostel for many reasons.
Their place is surrounded by many bars and restaurants.
The 5th floor is a chill out area and their downstairs bar is quite large.
There’s usually drinking games and dress up themes every night.
Expect to see people dancing on the tables once the beer starts flowing.
Party Hostels in Southeast Asia. Energy drink and too many shots.


I know there’s some other raging hostels in these same cities that might be just as good.
Too bad I couldn’t visit them all.
These were the wildest, most social, and best Party Hostels in Southeast Asia that I stayed at.
What are yours?
Leave me recommendations and drunken stories in the comments below.

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