Sitting with Satan,
Lounging with Lucifer,
Digesting dinner with the Devil.
That’s what I was doing in the Catholic country of Spain.

Lucifer statue
Fuente del Angel Caido.

Located in Madrid’s largest park, Parque del Buen Retiro(Park of the Pleasant Retreat).
I was pleasantly retreating from the crowds of the city.
It was in this park that I saw a statue I thought I’d never see.
A statue of the fallen angel, Lucifer.
AKA: “Fuente del Angel Caido”.
It rightfully sits in La Plaza del Angel Caido.


Spanish sculptor Ricardo Bellver created it in 1877.
His inspiration came from John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, where Lucifer is cast out of Heaven.
The statue depicts Lucifer with snakes wrapped around him, looking up in terror as he falls from Heaven.
He is positioned atop an octagonal pedestal, designed by Francisco Jareno.
The base has devil figures on each side clutching to lizards, snakes, and fish.

Lucifer statue



Surprisingly the church has never protested the statue.
Only because it does not glorify Satan.
As they say, it is “a faithful representation of the story of the Bible.”

Unsurprisingly though, the statue is not a tourist attraction.
It doesn’t even have an identifying label to explain what it is.
The lack of description results in many people confusing the statue as Cupid.

I recommend checking it out if you like to tell your friends about random things you’ve seen on vacation.
Like a Lucifer statue…. that actually sit 666 meters above sea level(that IS true by the way).

Have you ever seen the Lucifer statue in Madrid and thought it was Cupid?
Leave stories about your random travel discoveries in the comments section below.

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