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In Part 2 of SHIT HAPPENS I talked about botched train trips that were easily fixed or simply took patience.
This post I’ll talk about losing very important things that can’t easily be fixed.
Making you throw patience right out the window.

I’d love to be able to tell you I Lost My Wallet Without Losing My Mind, but that would be a lie.

Split, Croatia is at the top of my list for one of the most beautifully amazing cities I’ve ever been too.
I will always go back when I am in the area.
Even though it has slightly been tainted.
But it’s no fault of its own.
My memories have been tainted when I lost my wallet in one of their nightclubs.
My debit card, credit card, two I.D’s and all of my money gone.

losing your wallet

My daily routine in Split was:

Exploring the city all day then going to dinner with a large group from the hostel.
Afterwards we’d go to a backpacker’s bar and finish at the nightclub on the beach till the sun came up.
It was glorious, it was freedom, it was… a Recipe For Disaster!!!

Sorry, I’m just being dramatic.
losing your wallet

Day 3 started off like any other day, but it went south somewhere in the nightclub.
It wasn’t until I was walking back to the hostel that I felt my pockets and realized I had no wallet.
I knew right then and there that it wasn’t lifted off me.
In reality it was my own damn fault for why I no longer had it.
losing your wallet

Here’s the 6 ingredients that led to the horrible taste in my mouth:

1. I had all my money, cards, and I.D.’s(except my passport) in the same place.
Don’t EVER do that.
I knew not to do that, but did it anyways.

2. I was wearing shorts with shallow back pockets.

Why on earth did I think that was a wise idea!??!
I know better than to do that.
Front pocket, ALWAYS.

4. I was jumping up and down on the dance floor getting my boogie on.

5. This one is most crucial: my front pockets had zippers.
How much safer of a place could I have had my wallet?

6. I had it coming.
Throughout the night I may or MAY NOT have helped myself to some other people’s drinks when they weren’t looking.

The Dread Sets In.

I frantically ran back to the club, searched high and low, and asked everyone I knew.
I left a note with the bartender if it showed up the next morning.

This was my first time experiencing a walk of shame and I was not stoic about it at all.
I was yelling into the open air and cursing everything!
I think I even punched myself in the thigh about 10 times.
Sleep was the only thing that could bring me peace.

losing your wallet
Lemon Beer was my only friend the next morning.


Time To Fix This.

When I woke the next morning it was time to get to work.
1. Toll Free call to the bank to cancel both of my cards.
2. Visited the club to see if it was recovered. NOPE.
3. Walked to another nearby Hostel to see if anyone brought it there. NOPE.

losing your wallet
These pretzel sticks were donated to me from “Slut Drop”, a friendly lad from the hostel that felt bad for my situation.

No Time To Get Money.

Someone mentioned a Western Union around the corner that I could have a family member send money to.
But it was a Croatian holiday and it was closed.
The next day would work but I already had a full day trip to the Plitivice National Park booked.
I’d leave before the Western Union opened and I wouldn’t be back till after they closed.
There was no way in hell I was canceling that trip.
It was already paid for and one of the main reasons I was in Croatia.

The morning after Plitvice is when I had to leave very early to catch a bus to the Airport.
I would be flying to Athens, Greece to meet up with my mom so we could do a week on the island of Crete.
Lo and behold that’s where the main problem lied.
I didn’t even have enough money for a Bus ticket to the Airport.

losing your wallet
Not enough.

Thank Goodness For Canadians.

During this time I went to the Bus Station to see how much money I was short of.
I had 19 Kuna($2.69) and I needed 33($4.67).

To my surprise when I turned around I was greeted by 2 Canadian sisters from my hostel.
They were leaving Split and heading south to Dubrovnik.
They asked if I had any luck with my situation.
When I said No they gave me 50 Kuna($7.07)!!!
They saved my ass in ways I could never repay.

losing your wallet
The friendly Canadians.


What Have We Learned From This Story?

1. NEVER travel with all your money in the same place.
This is something I knew beforehand, but for some reason, did nothing to change that.

2. Always keep your wallet in your front pocket.

3. Karma doesn’t always wait.
Sometimes it strikes quickly.

4. Canadians are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

5. In the end everything always works out.
One way or another.
losing your wallet

What would I have done if those lovely Canadians never gave me money?
I have no idea; but they did and I’m forever grateful.
I felt like I was on top of the world after that.
As a result I was able to enjoy my remaining time in such a gorgeous city.

Losing your wallet is never fun.
Have you ever lost or had your wallet stolen while on vacation?
Let me read your stories below.

Jeremiah Cooper

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