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London’s Highgate Cemetery is an amazing destination if you’re looking for something different from the typical attractions.

London's Highgate Cemetery

I thought the Highgate Cemetery was the coolest cemetery I’d ever been to.
Until I went to the Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest, Hungary.
But that’s a different story.
Nonetheless, London’s Highgate Cemetery is a strong second place.
Located in North London, only a 30-50 minute tube ride away from Tower Bridge.
It makes for a perfect half-day adventure.


The cemetery is divided into 2 sections; The East and The West.
It sits on 37 acres(15 hectares) and holds about 170,000 people in 53,000 graves.
To say there’s overcrowding in graves is a bit of an understatement.

It is recommended to show up early as the cemeteries usually close around 4:30 pm.
Exact hours and prices can be found at the official website.

London's Highgate Cemetery


The East Cemetery is the cheaper cemetery that you can roam through with or without a tour.
The tours usually only run on Saturdays and last about 60 minutes.
However, it’s not nearly as cool as the West Cemetery.
It’s still awesome, but nothing compared to the West Cemetery.

The East side is where you can find rows and rows of tombstones.
Some are so overrun by vegetation that you might not be able to see them.
The trees and shrubbery are so overbearing that the cemetery is like a nature reserve.
It’s home to many different types of birds as well as squirrels and foxes.
London's Highgate Cemetery

The East Cemetery’s most popular headstone belongs to Historian and Philosopher, Karl Marx.
Many actors and authors are also buried here.
For instance, Douglas Adams; the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.


The West Cemetery costs a bit more and can only be done on a tour.
The tours usually run every 30 minutes and last about 70 minutes.
Video, tripods, food and drink are not allowed.
London's Highgate Cemetery

The photo opportunities are quite plentiful and the tour moves at a quick pace.
Therefore you’re left rushing to get photos.
Just be prepared and start planning the composition as you approach each new spot.

This side of the cemetery has many graves of authors, actors, and artists as well.
It also has the graves of Charles Dickens’ brother, wife, and parents.
However, Mr. Dickens himself is buried in Westminster Abbey.

The highlights of the cemetery are the only areas that the tour goes.
Certain areas(probably less interesting) aren’t even walked past.
For someone who loves to explore this could be a bummer.
But there were people on my tour that definitely thought 70 minutes was long enough.
London's Highgate Cemetery

London’s Highgate Cemetery is a destination I could visit every time I’m inĀ this amazing city.
It is also in a nice area that seems much more relaxed than the rest of London.
If you’re looking to stay out of the city a little longer the nearby Waterlow Park is a great place to chill out.

Have you ever been to London’s Highgate Cemetery?
What did you think of it?
Let me know below.

Jeremiah Cooper

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3 years ago

This is SO cool! I want to see pictures!