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London is the perfect Metropolis for all your big city needs.
Everything you could ever want you can find there.
Even peace and quiet among the many London parks.

Past the hustle and bustle of the city, London has plenty of parks for relaxation and time with nature.
Below is a list of my Top 4 London Parks:

London Parks
Gorgeously designed parks.


Hyde Park.

Located right in the middle of the city.
Covering 350 acres(142 hectares) with over 4,000 trees, a large lake, a meadow and flower gardens.
There’s plenty to do in this park.
You can go swimming, boating, cycling and skating.
There are tennis courts, tracks for horse riding, a children’s playground, and two lakeside restaurants.

Hyde Park also has a number of fascinating buildings and monuments.
Such as The Serpentine Bridge, the Joy of Life Fountain and the famous Achilles statue.

If you go there on a Sunday you should definitely head to Speaker’s Corner.
There you can listen to all the wacko’s share their opinions with the world.
Everything from Government Take Over, Lizard People, and Scientology.
It’s great for a laugh and people watching.

London parks


Regent’s Park.

Regent’s Park might be the most famous of the London parks.
It has been featured in many movies and some of the best attractions out of all the other parks.
A little larger than Hyde Park, at 410 acres(166 hectares).
Making this the largest outdoor sports area in London.
Catering to football, softball, rugby and cricket.

The park hosts the London Zoo, the Open Air Theater, and a boating lake.
Once you’ve built up an appetite you can go to any of the 4 Cafés on the grounds.
The Garden Café, The Honest Sausage, The Boathouse Café, and the Tennis Centre Café.

London parks
This little guy was so curious of me.

Richmond Park.

This is the largest of the London parks, as it covers 2,500 acres(1,000 hectares) and houses over 600 deer.
There are playgrounds at Kingston and Petersham gates.
Richmond Park has two golf courses near Roehampton Gate.
And an organic woodland garden(The Isabella Plantation).
There is fishing available at Pen Ponds, horse-riding tracks, and a cycling path.
For eating there’s the Georgian mansion, Pembroke Lodge, and Roehampton Café.
There’s also refreshment kiosks located at main car parks.

London parks


St. James Park.

One of the smaller London parks at 58 acres(23 hectares).
St. James Park is home to a Mall, children’s playground, restaurant, and 4 refreshment kiosks.
There’s a bunch of pelicans fed daily at 14:30, as well as water birds, owls, woodpeckers and bats.
There’s also a changing of the guard that occurs daily in summer and alternate days for rest of year.
The Queen’s Lifeguard changes daily at Horse Guards Parade Ground.


Most of London might be moving a million miles per hour.
But there are still large areas where you can breathe and slow down.
Even within this concrete jungle you can still find serenity.

Have you ever hung out in any of the London parks?
Which were your favorite?

Jeremiah Cooper

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