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What can I say about London that hasn’t already been said?
Yes, it’s expensive.
Yes, there are people EVERYWHERE.
And YES, it quite possibly has every single thing you’d ever want to do in a big city… I mean a large city.
A Huge city.
A Gigantic Metropolis!!!

London metropolis paradise
Houses Of Parliament.

The 1st time I went to London I thought “OK, this is gonna be a journey all in itself just to find my hostel.
I’ll ring for help once I’ve been lost for 36 hours.
Yet that was not the case.
I was surprised and relieved at how easy it was to get around such an enormous place.

I arrived at a decent time(NOT rush hour).
Getting into the The Underground(or the Tube) and understanding the lay of the land wasn’t that difficult.
Even though there’s 15 different lines around the city The Underground is very easy to figure out.

All the major attractions have stops named after them.
The stations with connection to other lines are usually not more than a few stops away.
Thus making it very easy to get from one side of the city to the other within an hour or less.


The 1st thing I noticed once I was on board was the diversity of the people.
In my train car alone there had to be at least 8 different nationalities.
Once I emerged onto the street I heard more languages in that 15 minute walk then I did in my previous 2 months of travel combined.
This place really does have everything, including all the different people.

Aside from the people and languages what else would a place like this have?
Well I’m glad you asked:


I don’t even need to begin with all the history that has and still takes place in this great city.
I’ll leave that up to all the museums throughout the city.
Many of which are actually FREE(British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum).
You can also do guided tours through the city that focus a lot on the history aspect of London as well.

London metropolis paradise
Tower Bridge.

A Mix of Old with the New.

One of my favorite things about London is simply walking down a street.
You’ll see a building or monument that is hundreds of years old.
Then turn around and see a modern contemporary building right across the street.
London embraces its past and mixes in the future very nicely.
One of the best examples of this is standing at Tower Of London, which was built in the 11th Century.
Then look south across the River Thames at the glass City Hall building and The Shard.
It definitely makes a stroll through the streets very interesting.

London metropolis paradise
The Shard across the River Thames from the Tower of London.


They’re everywhere.
In 2012, London finished construction on the tallest building in the European Union. The Shard.
The 87 story skyscraper stands 1,014 feet high(309 meters).
There’s an observation deck on the 72nd floor at a height of 802 feet(244.3 meters).
A hotel takes up 19 of the floors.
And the rest of the building contains offices, residences, 3 restaurants, and a business school.


Even though London is a city of brick, glass and metal; Londoners have made sure not to be 100% concrete jungle.
There are extremely nice parks throughout the city.
Great places to put your mind at ease and relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city living.
You can see my Top 4 favorite parks Here.

London metropolis paradise
Gorgeously designed parks.

A Variety of Different Cuisines.

In a city with so many nationalities you’re going to find a variety of different food around every corner.
This could not make me happier.
Of course I love going to a country and eating their authentic food.
But I don’t want to live off Fish & Chips or Bangers & Mash during my whole visit in London.
So by all means indulge in your favorite food while you’re here.
Whether it’s Indian, Chinese, or Italian food the options are plenty.


London has so much going on in their theater scene that they have a whole area dedicated to it.
The West End between Piccadilly and Covent Garden, all around Leicester Square, is where you’ll find your Musicals, Dramas, Shakespeare, etc.
This is one of liveliest places in London after dark.
Even if you’re not going to an Opera or a Play it’s a great area to hang out and enjoy some late night people watching.

Camden Town.

If you’re looking for Music Venues and Concert Halls you have to go further north into Camden Town.
There you will find many different venues big and small.
Places like Roundhouse, Electric Ballroom, Underworld, and Koko are located off Camden High Street.
They’re all very easy to get to.
St. Christopher’s Inn Camden is conveniently located between Koko and Underworld.
So that might be an ideal place to stay.
Only a few streets away from there you can also find The Garage and O2 Academy.
As well as a whole bunch of smaller indie venues and bars.
If live music is your thing then Camden Town is the place to be.

London metropolis paradise


Possibly the largest Alternative/Fetish Scene in the world.

This might not be something that pops up on many peoples itinerary…. but it should be.
Fetish events are one way to experience something new, interesting, and exciting.
I’ve seen Flesh Hook Suspensions, Floggings, and Fire Performances at these events.
Go-Go Dancers and Sword Swallowers usually perform as well.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly.

The British are not ones to shy away from letting their kinky freak flags fly.
And there are many places in London that cater to them.
A lot of people think that there’s going to be a bunch of tits and ass running around and they’re exactly right.
But people aren’t going to be having sex in the corners.
Also, no one will try to shove something in your face without asking you first.
What you will experience is friendly people dancing and drinking, just like any other club.
Except these people are
probably wearing less or have really extravagant outfits.

Fetish events have very well-mannered people at them and any type of touching has to be consensual.
There is Zero Tolerance for unwanted touching.
Maybe the next time you’re in London you wanna see something a little darker and a little sexier.
These clubs would be a good place to start.


The places listed below have strong Dress Codes, No Cameras, and No (Solo)Wanking policies.

Club Rub has monthly events at The Garage. 10:30 pm – 4 am.

Events run every other month at Electrowerkz.
Doors open at 8 pm, last entry is at 2:30 am, and the club closes at 6 am.


They have events at many different venues, so check their website for locations.
Event times vary depending on the venue.
They’ve also toured throughout the world.
Guests such as Masuimi Max, Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Manson, and Boy George have appeared at their events as well.

They have events every other month at different locations.
Doors are usually open at 10 pm – 5 am.

London metropolis paradise
Salvador Dali art display near the London Eye.

Other Random Finds.

London has a lot to offer, but some of them you have to do some extra searching.
There’s hidden gems all throughout this great city.

Do you want to Ice Climb in the middle of summer?
London has you covered.
Vertical Chill Indoor Ice Climbing at Ellis Brigham’s London Covent Garden store.
There’s different prices for different levels of experience and each session is 1 hour.
Expect to get a runny nose and a workout all in one.
More info can be found at

Offbeat Restaurants.

Maybe you’re looking to eat and not partake in something so demanding.
Perhaps you like Garlic on everything and you want to wash it down with Vodka.
Well if that’s the case, I have the place for you.

Garlic And Shots.

Everyone of their cantina-style dishes comes with garlic on it.
And they have over 100 different flavored Vodka shots.
They’re famous for their Bloodshot – Vodka, Chili, and Garlic.
Try finding someone to make-out with after having a few of those.
Garlic And Shots is located in SOHO between Soho Square and Leicester Square.

Have you ever wanted to have dinner and drinks in the middle of a circus performance?
Yeah me too.
Luckily for us a place like CIRCUS exists.


Located in Covent Garden, so you can take a guess that this place isn’t going to be very cheap.
If you’re looking for a unique experience and want to splurge on one night give this place a try.
The restaurant serves a Pan-Asian cuisine and cocktails.

The main attraction is definitely the performances that are happening that night.
They never announce the performances in advance, instead choosing to surprise the guests.
Some things you might see are Cabaret, Aerial Acrobatics, and Fire Eating among other circus acts.
Reservations are
highly recommended.
You can make them either by phone or through their website at


I have yet to go to a city that has as much to offer as London.
Castles, Opera, Royalty, and Leather Ass-less Chaps.
I told you London has everything!!!

Do you have any London recommendations or stories you’d like to share?
Feel free to comment about them below.

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