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Japan lived up to many expectations I had for it.
The food was great, the people were great(but really shy), and a lot of the sites I went to were better than I expected.
However there were a few sites that were COMPLETE wastes of money.

Below is a list of 5 Japanese attractions to avoid if you want to save yen.
And in a country as expensive as Japan, you definitely want to save what you have.


Japanese attractions to avoid. Entertainers at Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.

In a separate post I covered this topic with an individual breakdown of each restaurant.
Here I’ll only skim the surface of the topic.
Most of the themed restaurants have a cover charge of 500 yen.
The food is all overpriced and usually lacking in quality and quantity.
I felt that every restaurant or cafe was lacking in something somewhere.
The only one that did well
in my opinion was Kawaii Monster Cafe.
But don’t expect to eat a fulfilling meal there, it’s almost all snacks and desserts.

ENTRY inside of THE GREAT BUDDHA(Kamakura).

Japanese attractions to avoid. Large sitting Buddha statue.This one shouldn’t even be on the list because the price is less than a dollar.
But I guess I’m here to help out anyone that might be counting their pennies.

The Great Buddha at Kotoku-in in Kamakura is DEFINITELY worth the 200 yen admission.
But walking inside of the bronze statue is completely pointless and not worth your yen.
Even if it is only 20 yen.
You, and about 10 other people can fit inside.
You stand in there like “
Oh, I’m in a hollow statue and there’s nothing to see except name carvings from assholes.
That’s all that is.
Aside from that, the rest of the place is cool to walk around and should definitely
be visited.


Japanese attractions to avoid. Field of orange and white flowers.

I didn’t have high hopes for a park full of flowers because, well… it’s a park full of flowers.
From all the pictures I saw the park looked gigantic.
The rows of flowers looked like they stretched for miles.
Half of that is correct.
The park IS gigantic but there’s also a gigantic amount of unused space.
I was there at the end of March which only has 5 different flowers growing at that time.
So my timing wasn’t the best.
According to the calendar on their website it would be best advised to go there in the fall.
As there’s a larger variety of flowers growing at that time.
But even if I was there during the peak season, I’d still feel like the park had a lot of unused space.
It’s a nice place for a stroll and it’s relaxing, but it’s a little over an hour away from Tokyo on a bullet train.
The cost of entry is 410 yen; which isn’t much.
But as far as time consumption goes this place might not be worth the journey.
Unless you’re REALLY into flowers.


Japanese attractions to avoid. Brown building across from pond and green landscape.Ginkaku-ji, also known as the Silver Pavilion.
Or also known as the temple with NO SILVER ON IT AT ALL.

You can go to Wikipedia to read why there’s no silver.
But this place seems like a cash grab due to the popularity of the Golden Pavilion(which is actually Golden).
Here you pay 500 yen to walk around a nice yard with some ponds.
Walking a path to see a temple that isn’t Silver, and looks like every other temple, is not worth your yen or your time.


Japanese attractions to avoid. Tourists sitting around boring rock garden.The famous zen rock garden in Kyoto is without a doubt the biggest waste of your yen.
For me, rock gardens look nice but they’re all the same and nothing to get excited about.
Also, don’t expect to go to this zen garden and achieve any type of pure enlightenment.
be surrounded by a bunch of mumbling people saying “I can’t believe I paid 500 yen to look at a bunch of small rocks.

Pictures of this garden also make it appear larger than it is.
It’s not large at all and you’ll
probably take 2 pictures and move on to other parts of the grounds.
Which are more attractive than this garden.

They’re not worth your Yen.

The most expensive attractions on this list are the restaurants.
If you avoid them and still go to the other sites you’re not wasting too much money.
I wish that was the case when I went to Indonesia and visited Ratu Boko.
The biggest 
waste of cash in Indonesia. Do you have a list of Japanese attractions to avoid?
Let me know in the comments below.
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