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It doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st, 2nd, or 30th time in Japan.
You can always find something that will amaze you with every visit.

My first time to Japan was a lengthy 44 days.
I started in Tokyo and slowly made my way west to Fukuoka.
I tried to cover as much ground as I could in those 44 days.

There are so many cool, interesting, weird, and beautiful things throughout Japan that I had to divide this post into 3 separate parts.
Here’s Part 1 of my highlights from Japan:


I was in Tokyo for 14 of the 44 days in Japan.
It is welcoming but it’s also an intrusive assault on your senses.
Every single day I had my phone out taking pics and video of some of the weirdest, funniest, nonsensical things I have ever seen.
Japan highlights. People dressed as Mario Kart, weird statues, kimonos for dogs.Walking the streets of Tokyo is highly entertaining and there’s never a dull moment.
Everything from signs, outfits, culture, and tourist activities.
You’ll won’t see anything like it in any other country.


Transportation throughout Japan is one of the biggest expenses of traveling the country.
Luckily, for the price you pay, the transportation is easy, comfortable, and super convenient.
Japan highlights. Train with teddy bears and cat faces painted on it.The metro in Tokyo is one of the best in the world.
And bullet trains are so fast and accurate I was able to do 2 “day trips” in one day.
The buses in Kyoto are also easy to follow and get around.
Which is convenient for that spread out city.

The transportation, although expensive, is top quality.


Japan is actually known for its politeness.
And I appreciate that very much.
Japan highlightsAll the Japanese are so polite that it actually has an effect on a lot of people who visit the country.
I met many travelers that seemed more polite than I’d expect.
Foreigners went out of their way to not be loud or act rude.

Even though it seemed like most Japanese were very shy and not approachable.
The ones I did meet were very respectful and always tried to help when they could.
Everyone was very polite and had a lot of manners.

You’ll notice that even in the metro.
The metro is surprisingly quiet because everyone mutes the ringers on their phones.
If they’re watching or listening to something on their phones they’re doing it through headphones.

There’s also no trash found on the streets of Tokyo.
Which is surprising considering you’ll never see a trash can around.
People just hold on to their trash until they find a proper place to throw it away.

My entire time in Tokyo I didn’t even hear drivers honk their horns.
I didn’t hear people honking until I got to Kyoto.
Even then it was very minimal.


I’m not one to indulge in candy bars that much.
But when I saw all the different varieties of Kit Kats throughout Japan I knew I’d have to try as many as possible.
Although I let myself down by not purchasing Sake, Wasabi, or Sweet Potato flavors.
I did try a variety of many others.

Japan highlights. Variety of many different kit kat candy bars.

The only downside to these Kit Kats are the large bags they’re sold in.
If the Wasabi flavor was actually gross I would’ve wasted 700-1000 yen.
Then I’d hope someone from the hostel would want it instead.
There’s also so many different flavors.
Some of which are only seasonal.
And some are only found at certain attractions orĀ regions of the country.


I didn’t know Japanese bakeries would be so good!
It was hard for me to wake up and have a breakfast that consisted of noodles.
I’m from the U.S. I want eggs, bacon, fruit, yogurt, french toast, omelets, orange juice, almond milk, and muffins… all at once.
In one sitting.
Sorry, not sorry.

Japan highlights. Delicious pastries.

I’m a big eater in the morning.
If I couldn’t find a western restaurant to gorge at I would go to the bakeries.
Buy at least 6 pastries and load up on all those carbs.
I was able to find pastries with eggs, fruit, bacon, and even yogurt.

I definitely wasn’t eating the healthiest breakfasts.
But the bakeries in Japan were a staple of my culinary experience and I loved them.
They were better than the bakeries I later experienced in China.
Where almost everything was dry and not that flavorful.

6. Cherry Blossom… CREAM PUFFS.

I was in Japan during the entire season of the Cherry Blossoms.
The blossoming of the trees were definitely cool to see from beginning to end.
But the cherry blossom cream puffs I found in Kyoto was the best part of the season.
Japan highlights. Cherry blossom cream filled pastry.It was without a doubt one of the greatest treats I have ever had.
So good that as soon as I finished my first one I immediately went back and purchased another.

More To Come.

This is just Part 1 of 3 from my Japan highlights.
Let me know what your highlights are below in comments.

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