I can’t praise hostels enough, I love them.
You will usually meet great people and everyone is so open and friendly.
It’s very rare that you come across people who’s lives you’d like to end with a blunt object.
However that could all easily change if they don’t have proper Hostel Etiquette.

Below is a small list of things that could prevent you from being left unconscious on your bedroom floor.
This list could be much longer, but I’m just going to stick to the big “No-No’s”(mostly the stuff that pisses me off).



This one is NUMERO UNO on my list because this incident has happened the most.

It’s 5a.m., everyone is asleep, but someone has an early flight, bus, or train to catch.
We all understand that you’re getting ready to leave, so if you make a little bit of noise it’s not a big deal.
But if everything you need in order to get ready is inside of a LOUD PLASTIC BAG inside of your backpack you better be prepared to catch a pillow to the face at the very least.

If you need to access this LOUD PLASTIC BAG 15 fucking times in a 10 minute period you should at least have enough decency to take that bag into the bathroom or the hallway.
Because if I have to hear the ruffling of that LOUD PLASTIC BAG any longer I will get up from my bed and choke you out in order to have silence again!



Hi there, I’d like to introduce you to the year 2015.
In this day and age there are cell phones and they have flashlights in them.

Now maybe you don’t travel with a cellphone. I’ve done it before.
But I did have a watch that could emit light, so I used that instead.
Think outside the box.

No watch? No cellphone?
Then try these 2 techniques:

1. You open the door just enough to let in some light from the hallway, find your bed, make sure the path is clear, and aim right for it.
Maybe there is no light from the hallway. So here’s what I do:
2. I turn on the lights(HOW DARE ME!!!), but only long enough for me to find my bed and make sure the path is clear.(This should take no longer than 5 seconds).
Then I turn off the lights and head right towards my bed.

Pretty simple stuff really.



Most hostels I’ve been to have the beds numbered.
You either get a key or a receipt with your bed number on it.
All you do is match that number to the number on the bed.
It’s really one of the easiest things you’ll have to do all day, so how do people fuck that up so often?

Most of the times this happens is because reception messed up. No biggie.
They just find another bed for the person.
Only a few times was it because someone just didn’t care and they put their stuff wherever they wanted to.

That action usually results in that persons belongings being stuffed inside of a metal garbage can and set on fire.(kidding of course).
I pleasantly place their stuff on the floor and they can find a new home for it when they get back.



If you are caught in the act of doing this you are publicly executed in the town square.
This has never happened to me, but I’ve met plenty of people who this has happened to; and it is certainly a Dick Move.

Most people staying in hostels are trying to travel cheap.
Therefore buying food and having it in the fridge at the hostel is cheaper than going out and eating every time you’re hungry.
People will usually write the dates that they’re staying at the hostel on their bags, so staff and other travelers know that the owner of that food is still around.

However if you still go into someones bags and eat their food you are definitely a horrible turd.
I’ve been told there is a special place in Hell reserved for people like that.
Don’t be one of those people.

And that’s it.
Those are the 4 things to completely avoid doing if you don’t want to be referred to as The Inconsiderate Dildo at the Hostel.
Happy Travels.

Do you have proper Hostel Etiquette or are you just a Bag O’ Dicks when you stay at hostels?
What drives you crazy that people at hostels do?
Let me know in the comments below.

Jeremiah Cooper

Jeremiah Cooper

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