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Japan is fascinating for many reasons. 
The culture, their entertainment, food, restaurants, sites and attractions.
To me, Japan isn’t even another country.
It’s another world.

Two weeks ago was the 1st installment of my Highlights from Japan.
Now I’m back again this week with more.
This time I have a few restaurants and some other attractions.


Genki Sushi in Shibuya, Tokyo might not have been the best sushi I’ve had.
But it was certainly the most fun I had ordering food.
The restaurant is relatively small.
Possibly holds anywhere from 20-30 people.
Upon entering is the only time you have to talk to a person.
They show you to your seat and the rest is up to you.

highlights from Japan. Restaurant menu on computer screen at Genki Sushi in Tokyo.You sit down in front of a computer screen menu and you order from the screen.
Everything you order
is placed to the right side of the screen.
When you’re ready to have the food come out you press Order.

Food from the wall.

In front of you are 3 different tracks, and your food comes out on small trays attached to these tracks.
Your order comes out of the wall and stops in front of you.
When you grab your small plate of food you press Return and the tray shoots back into the wall from where it came.
The food was good and there was a large variety to choose from.
The price was also some of the best I’d seen in Tokyo.
It’s so fun to order that you keep eating and eating.
I got full on less than 1300 yen and it was a fun experience.


Another place that isn’t necessarily the best, but still a fun experience is Fire Ramen in Kyoto.
There’s usually a wait outside because the inside can only fit about 10 people at once. 

highlights from Japan. Empty bowl of ramen that says No Ramen No Life.Once you’re inside you sit at a bar in front of the cooks.
They come to you and place a large apron/bib around your neck.
For anyone that wants a recording the cooks have areas near them where they can place your phone to record.
Then your bowl of ramen
is placed in front of you and the flaming oil is poured in.
Lean back because the flames are huge and hot.

Fire Ramen is another one of those quirky Japanese things that isn’t too special, but still a fun experience
The ramen was good, but really greasy.


Definitely the best themed restaurant in Tokyo.
Most of them were a complete letdown, but this one was the best.
Like most of the themed restaurants there’s a 500 yen entrance fee and the food isn’t that good.
But the decor and performance they put on is definitely worth a visit.
highlights from Japan. Server with colorful hair standing in front of door to Kawaii Monster Cafe in Tokyo.I thought the restaurant only had weird decor and weird staff outfits.
But when our waitress advised us to go to the center of the restaurant I had no idea what to expect.
As soon as everyone was gathered around, 3 of the staff members, performed a funny dance routine.
It was about 5 minutes long; completely goofy and ridiculous.
Everything you’d hope for from Tokyo.

The only thing on the menu that was an actual meal was an overpriced hamburger.
Everything else was snacks.
I had cereal and Ice Cream with a hot cocoa.

If you’re in the Harajuku district, the Monster Cafe is a fun place to go for entertainment, Instagram photos, and a snack.


Hakone is a touristy resort town near Mt. Fuji.
But it’s a beautiful place completely worth visiting.
highlights from Japan. Gigantic torii gate over road with mountain in background.The prices are a bit high everywhere and there’s a lot of people around.
But Hakone was one of the most beautiful areas I saw my entire time in Japan.

I didn’t do any of the big touristy things the town has to offer.
I only went to the Hakone Shrine and floating Torii gate.
Walked along Ashi Lake for a bit and enjoyed the nature.
It was a very calming place.

If you want to spend a lot of money on activities or hang out in a nice area; Hakone is perfect for that.


This was a place I’d show people pictures of and they’d ask “Where the hell is that cool place!?
It’s only a 1 hour train ride from Tokyo and a great day trip.
highlights from Japan. Large cliff carved sitting Buddha.I arrived on a day that had light rain so I mostly had the entire place to myself.
There are hiking paths, a ropeway, temples, great lookout points, mountain carvings, and Buddhas.
One of those Buddhas is the largest cliff-carved Buddha in Japan.

I didn’t know what to expect from Nokogiriyama upon arriving.
But it surpassed my expectations.
Having the entire place almost to myself was a plus as well.

Still more to come.
In 2 weeks the third, and final,  part to Highlights from Japan will be posted.
That post will have my favorite highlights yet.

Have you been to any of these destinations?
What are your favorites?

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