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During my time in Italy I realized that the country pretty much consists of 6 different shops.
Four of them I love, the other two I don’t care about.
They are the:

1. Deli.
2. Bakery.
3. Pizzeria.
4. Gelaterie.
5. Gucci shop.
6. Versace shop.

I could live in Italy for a month and still not be able to tell you where to buy underwear, books, or household appliances.
Because I’m pretty sure the above 6 shops are the only shops that exist in Italy.
And you know what… I’m totally OK with that.
EAT YOUR WAY THROUGH ITALY; it’s what you’re supposed to do.
I think you get deported if you don’t indulge in the Italian food culture while you visit(I might have made that up).

I didn’t spend as much time in the deli’s as I should have.
Therefore I’ll only talk about the other gems that Italy has to offer; Gelato, Pizza, and Pastries:

Gelato, Pizza, and Pastries

I love gelato, there is no denying that.
Perhaps I have lazy taste buds though.
Because it seemed the gelato I had in Italy was no different from anywhere else I ate it in Europe.
Gelato is gelato.
It was all delicious everywhere I went; except the Potato gelato I tried in Spain.
Don’t ever eat that shit!!!

Gelato, Pizza, and Pastries

Now as far as the Pizza goes; ITALY IS UNTOUCHABLE!!!
I have never had a better slice of pizza than the one I had in Venice.
When I went to Boston years later, I was stuffing my face with their best pizzas
But I was always trying to compare it to the pizza from in Italy.
None of those places in Boston could compete.

I can’t think of any SPECIFIC thing that makes the pizza in Italy better.
just think it’s the ENTIRE thing that makes the pizza better.
The crust was soft and doughy and it was only
lightly covered in sauce.
Thus making the fresh vegetables and cheese stand out even more.
The pizza I ate was basic, but the ingredients
really stood out on their own.

It’s bad enough that I already think I could eat pizza for every meal of the day.
In Italy I would definitely put that theory to the test.

Gelato, Pizza, and Pastries

The Italian pastries are some of the greatest things that you will ever eat.
They rank really high along French pastries.
These 2 countries should definitely have a Bakery Battle to see who comes out victorious.

I had so many different pastries that I can’t even begin to give you recommendations.
If it’s Flaky, Crispy, Chewy, and filled with ANYTHING, you definitely want it in your mouth.

Another great thing about the pastries is that you can actually hear yourself getting fatter.
It’s a fantastic experience that I urge everyone to partake in.

Eat Like You’ve Never Eaten Before.

Go to Italy with the mindset that you’re never going to eat again and I guarantee you’ll thank me.
…or you might hate me because your pants don’t fit the way they use to.
Sorry, but it’s worth it.
The Gelato, Pizza, and Pastries of Italy are a must-have.

Have you been to Italy and left kicking and screaming because you wanted to stay and eat more?
Let me know about how you ruined your diets in the comments below.

Jeremiah Cooper

By Jeremiah Cooper

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