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There’s a few things that should never happen once you become an adult.
Shitting your pants might be number one on that list.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done when you’re traveling around Southeast Asia.
Between the spicy chilies and food poisoning your stomach can turn on you quickly.
And if you think this story is leading up to me talking about shitting my pants let me stop you right there.
It never happened, but BOY WAS I CLOSE!!!

Food Poisoning While Traveling. Poop Emoji.

In this Shit Happens Post I’ll literally talk about when shit happens.
If you’d like to read other Shit Happens Posts you can read about me getting lost in Europe, or taking wrong trains, or losing my wallet.
I screw up so you don’t have to(at least that’s what I tell myself).
Those articles aren’t as crappy as this one.


Getting food poisoning while traveling has to be in the Top 3 Fears of Traveling.

I’ve done relatively well.
I have a pretty strong stomach and I don’t get sick often.
But in Myanmar I had a dish that obviously had something wrong with it.
Because for the next 12 days afterwards I was unleashing hell into toilets every morning.

Food Poisoning While Traveling.

After leaving Inle Lake I was making my way to Bagan.
Along the way our van stopped at a popular tourist-filled restaurant.
Many other vans stopped along the way and I ran into people I met a week earlier in other cities.
So it was obvious that this was THE restaurant all the transportation stops at.

The restaurant wasn’t in the best shape, but I was used to that by now.
I ordered a pork dish that I ate a week earlier.
It had a good mixture of flavors and was really good the first time.
So I decided to try it from this place too.
It tasted fine and I felt good for the rest of the day.


The next morning when I woke up it was time to drop bombs.
And I basically spent that whole day nuking that toilet.
Luckily the food poisoning never made me vomit.
It was just a Sit And Shit Situation(say that 3 times fast).

Food Poisoning While Traveling.

My guess is that the pork was not cooked properly.
So I paid the price for almost 2 weeks.

Eventually the damage let up a bit.
The destruction only happened in the morning and the rest of the day I was OK.
I was still capable of sightseeing and had plenty of energy.
I just had to be REALLY careful about farting, otherwise…. who knows.

After a week I eventually bought some Imodium pills.
I don’t think they helped that much but at least I tried.


The food poisoning also left me with no appetite.
I’d still eat, but I never felt hungry.
The food poisoning definitely saved me a lot of money.
And that still might be the reason why Myanmar is the cheapest country I’ve been to.

If you’re worried about food poisoning buy Imodium pills before your trip.
If you do get food poisoning, stay hydrated and ALWAYS have toilet paper with you.
You’ll also really appreciate the bum gun throughout Southeast Asia.
It’s a real life saver.

Food Poisoning While Traveling. Picture of Bum Gun next to a toilet.


During my travels through Southeast Asia I met quite a few people that ended up with food poisoning.
And the majority of them were vegetarian.
A lot of the food poisoning comes from vegetables that are washed in dirty water.
So it’s really just a roll of the dice when you visit restaurants.

I love the food in Southeast Asia, so I take my chances and eat at local restaurants.
Look around at the surroundings to make sure nothing looks too disgusting.
And make sure to have Imodium pills with you.
You never know when your insides will be ready to spill out a natural disaster.

Have you ever had any shitty situations while traveling?
If you’re brave enough let me know in the comments below.
I always like a good laugh.

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