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For my 1st trip overseas to Europe I read and researched like never before.
I, more or less, knew what to expect when I got there and at first it was exactly what I expected.

Germany and Austria were very similar to places I’ve been to in the U.S.
Prague definitely made me step back and think “OK, this isn’t something you see everyday”.
But it wasn’t until I arrived in Venice, Italy where I experienced my first time culture shock.
A whole city on water with no automobiles(and a whole bunch of old people everywhere) pretty much blew me away.
first time culture shock
Cruising down the “street”.

Venice may also be the best city to get “lost” in because you really can’t get too lost.
You can only go so far before you come to a dead-end and face nothing but water.

first time culture shock
“I guess I don’t go this way.”
The transportation is also fun.
The “city bus” is a Vaporetti and that takes you to places you can’t reach on foot.
I could definitely see this as being a very challenging way of life during huge storms.
But I was there on a nice hot day where the weather was great.
It was a treat every time I had to take a Vaporetti somewhere.
first time culture shock
San Giorgio Maggiore.

I also loved how some of the buildings just seemed to rise right out of the water.
Some people’s kitchen windows were only 2 meters above the water.
I’m sure the flooding there sucks, but it was cool to see from where I was

first time culture shockIt was exciting to finally see a place that was really foreign to me.
The architecture, “streets”, and way of life was something I never experienced before.
I can’t
really say there were too many other places that I traveled to in Europe that brought that same feeling over me.
Maybe some subtle nuances, but nothing too big.

Embrace the change.
Step back, take it all in and revel in it.

What was the 1st country to really give you a bit of culture shock?

Jeremiah Cooper

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