One question I get asked all the time is “What is your favorite country you’ve traveled to?”
Now I know some people might not want to play favorites and I can understand that, but you know those people have a certain place that they always reflect back on.
I have that place and I visit it frequently in my head.
It’s Switzerland!!!

No words can properly describe that.
No words can properly describe that.

Switzerland was one of those places that I knew I was going to love even before I got there.
And it did not disappoint.
I was so excited to see Switzerland that I left Italy a day earlier than planned just to get there.


The next question I get once I say Switzerland is “Why?”
That question is a little harder to answer, but I’ll give it a try.
Sometimes there’s just places that you connect with.
That was Switzerland for me.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.


Even the photos I saw before I arrived had a connection with me.
Maybe it was all the mountains and blue glacier lakes, maybe it was the waterfalls and greenery everywhere.
I really don’t know, but I’m sure the natural majestic beauty of that place had to be a major reason.
I didn’t explore the whole country either, and maybe I should before I claim it as my favorite,
Albeit the areas I did visit were enough for me to realize that not many countries were going to come close to this place.

Interlaken, Switzerland.
Interlaken, Switzerland.


That all became even more clear when I realized that Switzerland was pretty much the extreme sport country of Europe.
The 2nd time I went to Switzerland I made it my sole purpose to try pretty much every extreme activity they had to offer.
Over a span of 10 days I went Skydiving, Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Canyoning(twice), White Water Rafting, Ziplining(twice), Glacier Climbing, and did the Canyon Swing.
I was in heaven while my mom was back home having a slow heart attack each day knowing what I was doing.
I made sure on that portion of the trip to send her more “I’m Still Alive” messages than usual.

No better surroundings than that.
No better surroundings than that.


Besides the beauty and crazy activities that lie within this country, Switzerland has something else that I hold dear to my heart: CHOCOLATE!!!
It’s everywhere.
You walk into a grocery store in Switzerland and they pretty much have a whole aisle dedicated to chocolate bars.

Where to begin?
Where to begin?

There were a few mornings where I was faced with the tough decision of what to have for breakfast and I would solve that quickly by going to the grocery store and buying the biggest chocolate bar I could find.

Across my lap.
Across my lap.

Probably not the healthiest choice I could have made but the 8 year old in me had no care about that whatsoever.
I honestly don’t remember eating much variety of other foods while I was there.
Some sausage, some cheese, and a pizza thrown in there as well.
But it was mostly a strict diet of Chocolate and Beer.


So now you might be thinking “Wow! Switzerland is your favorite country because of the Nature, Extreme Activities, and Chocolate? That’s it?
And all I can say is “YES.
I’m sure I’ll come across other countries that will match or possibly beat Switzerland one day.
For instance, Croatia is my 2nd favorite European country and it’s mostly because of the Nature, Food, and Women(goddamn they’re gorgeous!!!)
So it seems like if the place has 3 really strong points I’m gonna love it(and yes, chocolate is a strong point).


I’m sure if I was in Switzerland longer I could find more things that’d I’d like, but all I really needed were those Berner Oberland surroundings and it was Number 1 for me.
I also like that it is a small country that can be crossed in a matter of hours and you’ll hear about 5 different languages in the process.
I like their punctuality as well. They are always on time with their transportation.
The one downfall I had with Switzerland was that it is a really expensive place.
But that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying somewhere.
London, England is my favorite city and it’s really expensive there too.


I’m looking forward to discovering more countries that might be my favorite.
I seem to have a good sense about places before even arriving.
I predict that some strong runner-up positions might belong to Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Brazil.
Who knows, there might be a new Number 1 in there somewhere.


Do you love Switzerland as much as I do?
Let me know in the comments below what your favorite country is and why.

Jeremiah Cooper

Jeremiah Cooper

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