“We should start heading back to the hostel.
It’s almost 6 o’clock and I’m ready to start drinking”, said my travel companions while we were checking out Goudi architecture in Barcelona.

6pm seems like a pretty reasonable time to start drinking.
But in a country where people don’t go to the bars and clubs until 1am it seems like starting too soon could end your night rather quickly.
Then again whoever said we had to be logical when on vacation?

European drinking hostel
One of many.

No one likes to spend too much money when they go out drinking in a new city.
Especially if you get drunk and spend more than you expect too, like I did my first time in London.

What would be great is if you could get a nice buzz at your hostel before even going to the bars and clubs for the night.
Apparently I wasn’t the only one that thought this was a great idea.


There are more and more hostels that are having Happy Hours now, but my favorite one is at Hostel Kabul in Barcelona, Spain.
They have a 2 for 1 Happy Hour around 6pm, right before their FREE Dinner.
At 10pm they do a small Pub Crawl which gets you back to the hostel during their 2nd Happy Hour.
The 2nd Happy Hour goes from 12am-1am, and then the hostel takes you out around 1:45am for a night out at different clubs.

European drinking hostel
Let the games begin.

Not only is this the best hostel for Pre-Game Drinking, it’s the best hostel for Mid-Game Drinking, After-Game Drinking, and just drinking in general.
If you would like to attempt Alcohol Poisoning on yourself this is probably one of the easiest places for that to actually happen.
Not that I’d recommend it.

European drinking hostel
The beginning of the end.

Barcelona is known for their late nightlife.
Dinner at 11pm seems to be a common thing there.
Then after dinner comes the countless hours of dancing and drinking.
People here don’t go to bed until the sun is coming up.

So if you want to party like the locals, expect a late night.
If you can hold your alcohol you’ll absolutely love the Happy Hours at Kabul.
I don’t know if you’ll make it until the sun comes up but it’s a worth a shot.

European drinking hostel
This is starting to look familiar.


Get one of the small rooms at Kabul with less beds if you would like to attempt some sleep.
Also, I’d recommend eating the FREE Breakfast and FREE dinner they have available.
Some sort of food in your belly before another night of heavy drinking is advised.
You crazy, drunken, reckless travelers.

Have you ever been to Kabul in Spain?
What do you think is the best European hostel for drinking?
Let me know in the comments below.

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