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DRINKING IN MUNICH(and not remembering much).

Munich, Germany you are quite alright.
You have much to see, much to do, and much culture for me to soak in and enjoy.
Perhaps one day I’ll come back and actually check it all out.

I have been to Munich twice so maybe you’d think I knew something about that city.
Oh how wrong you’d be.
Drinking in Munich was my goal and it wasn’t even Oktoberfest.

Truth is, I didn’t go to Munich only to drink.
It just happens to be a good “in between” stop to other locations I was heading too.
I’d stay one night, do a Pub Crawl hosted by the hostel, and leave the next day to my original destination.
But seriously Munich, I will be back and I will spend more time learning about you.

Drinking in Munich

The 1st time I arrived in Munich and found my hostel I had 2 hours to explore the city before the Pub Crawl started.
I headed to Karlsplatz(Stachus) which was right up the street from my hostel.
Karlsplatz is a square in the center of the city with a large fountain and a bunch of tourists hanging out.
Apparently it’s a good place for people watching too.
As my 2 hours went by quick and it was already time for the Pub crawl to begin.

The Pub Crawl Begins.

It met outside of an internet cafe and the 1st hour was all you can drink beer.
Certainly something you want to take advantage of so you don’t spend too much money at the other locations.

Drinking in Munich
All you can drink Beer for 1 hour.

From there we moved on to the Hirschgarten Beer Garden.
The largest Beer Garden in all of Bavaria, as it can hold 8000 people!!!
I have no idea how long we were there, but it was a great time.

The beer was sold in huge glass steins.
Luckily they were really thick for all the “Cheers”, “Prost”, and drunken clashing of mugs.
Most people didn’t obliterate their steins when they clanked them together.
However, one drunken mess of a man smashed his so hard that the bottom busted out and dumped all over his lap.
But he had no care in the world.
No Fucks Given.
No Fucks Given.
I met an older women from New Zealand who was 4’11”.
So naturally, like a perfect gentleman, I asked her if she played a Hobbit in The Lord Of The Rings.
She was a midget from New Zealand; you would’ve done the same.
Don’t pretend like you wouldn’t.
 She told me she was turned down for a role even though she went to school with Peter Jackson.
Someone must have been a horrible actress.

The Black Out Begins.

After the Beer Garden we went to one of the largest breweries in Europe.
Its name was…. I have no idea.
From that point on the amber nectar took hold of me.

The rest of the night was all a black out; until hours later when I heard someone yell “Hey” to me.
I lifted my head and I was somehow in the common room of my hostel.
Sitting in front of a computer with my head on the keyboard.
Clearly it was bedtime.

The next morning I needed documentation of my “time travel”, so I checked my camera.
Lo and behold it held information from the previous night.
Apparently after the beer garden and brewery we took a city bus to a pub.
From there we drunkenly stumbled through the city to a couple more pubs before making it back to the hostel.

Drinking in Munich
Good Times with Good Company.

Returning For More Punishment.

I did it all over again a year later.
I still don’t remember the name of the brewery or any of the pubs we went to after.
However I do remember having a good time with good company.
And that’s all that really matters.

Oh… and the hangover the entire way to Austria.
Yeah I remember that son of a bitch too.

One of those is more than enough.
One of those is more than enough.

Drinking in Munich is kind of a Must-Do thing, but don’t let it take over your whole time there like I did.

Have you been to Munich long enough to actually see the sites?
If so, let me know in the comments what I need to check out the next time I’m there.

Jeremiah Cooper

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