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This post is very similar to my Gelato, Pizza, and Pastries post I did about Italy, but whatever, I’m doing it again.

When I’m in Amsterdam I cannot tell you where you can buy an electric shaver, a laptop, or even a bag of marshmallows.
But if you’re looking for Dildos, Weed, and Mushrooms I can tell you exactly where to go.
The answer is: 18 feet from where you’re standing….. in any direction.

That’s right.
That stuff is everywhere.
Amsterdam is loud and proud about a lot of things and they’ll undeniably let you know that they’re ready to party.

Dildos, Weed, and Mushrooms
“Collect ’em All”.


I have seen some of the funniest condoms ever hanging up in a window of a shop near the red light district.
I have seen menus with more weed varieties than I even knew existed.
And without question there’s usually a mushroom shop nearby.

Dildos, Weed, and Mushrooms
“Am I high or am I really seeing Aliens?”

Don’t Need Nothin’ But A Good Time…

These 3 different stores go hand in hand in Amsterdam.
You can buy latex boots and lingerie at one place.
Get loaded up on weed and mushrooms at another.
Grab some dildos, put on a carrot shaped condom and let the party begin.

Dildos, Weed, and Mushrooms
The beginning of a great night.


If you’re new to sex shops you can always get educated at a couple of the Sex Museums throughout the city.
If you’re new to the plants I’m sure you could ask any tourist walking past you.
It seems like that’s their sole purpose to be in Amsterdam.
They might be there for good beer and great art too, but I’m sure the sex and legal drugs is a perk as well.

Dildos, Weed, and Mushrooms
Variety, Variety, Variety.


Although these shops seem to dominate, there’s more to Amsterdam than just that.
I’ve been there 3 times and have no interest in prostitutes and I don’t smoke weed(no matter how long people try to teach me).
So there must be something that keeps bringing me back here.
I’m pretty sure it’s the International Airport.
Who knows, it could have something to do with the visual stimulation I get every time I visit Amsterdam.

Nothing says fun like Dildos, Weed, and Mushrooms.
Have you partaken?
Let me hear about your crazy Amsterdam adventures in the comments below.

Jeremiah Cooper

By Jeremiah Cooper

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