The Buddha Park is one of only a few things to see in
Luckily the public bus to get there is easy and very cheap.

I’m not the first person to say this and I won’t be last but…
You can completely skip Vientiane while in Laos.

I haven’t met one person that thought Vientiane was worth staying at for more than 2 days.
A lot of travelers skip Vientiane and take overnight buses from Thakhek to Vang Vieng(or vice versa).
But if you don’t want to make that long journey Vientiane is the place in-between.

Buddha Park by Public Bus. Sign at Park describing the park.


There are 2 Central Bus Stations on the same road.
You will need Central Bus Station CBS-2.
It is on the South side of Boulevard Khouvieng.

The bus you take to Buddha Park is the #14 Bus.
The bus leaves about every 40 minutes.
It might not be parked at the #14 Parking Spot.
So just look for #14 on the windshield of the buses parked nearby.

Buddha Park by bus. Google Maps and Maps Me Screenshots of bus station.
Google Maps and Maps Me screenshots of Bus Station.


Once you find the #14 Bus you just take a seat.
There’s no need to pay the driver.
Once the bus starts going someone will come down the aisle to collect the 6,000 Kip($0.70).

About 30 minutes into the ride the bus will stop at the Immigration Office for Friendship Bridge.
Just stay seated because Buddha Park is only another 20 minutes away.

Buddha Park by public bus. Above photo of Buddha Parks many statues.


A foreigner ticket for Buddha Park will cost 15,000 Kip($1.75).
The park is not very large and you can see everything within an hour.

There’s a giant reclining Buddha, but the main attraction is the Giant Pumpkin.
The pumpkin has 2 stairways inside that take you to the top.
One is on the outer area, which is easier.
The other is in the inner area, which is harder because it’s dark and much smaller.
Once you’re on top of the pumpkin you can see the entire park.

The rest of the park has over 200 statues as well as toilets and a restaurant.

Buddha Park by Public Bus.


Across the street from the park entrance is the bus stop back into the city.
Right in front of the cafe you should see a hanging wooden sign that says “Bus Stop”.
Keep your eyes open for #14 and that’s your bus.

On my way back I was asked to pay 8,000 Kip($0.93) instead of 6,000.
I can only imagine why.
It was still less than a dollar, so I didn’t bother complaining.

Buddha Park by Public Bus. Selfie in front of Frog Statue eating a Human Head.

Quick And Easy.

Your whole journey should take about 3 hours and it shouldn’t cost more than $4.
It’s a cool place to check out, especially if you like sculptures.
But it’s not a place you must see and stay overnight in Vientiane for.

Have you gone to the Vientiane Buddha Park by bus before?
Was it easy for you?
Let me know in the comments below.

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