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BUDAPEST NIGHTLIFE – Clubs, Pubs and Hot Tubs.

Some cities are known for their food.
Some cities are known for their sights.
And some cities are known for their ability to keep you buzzed 24/7.
Budapest, Hungary is surely one of those places.

Don’t get me wrong, Hungary has some good food, and they have some amazing sights to see.
But the main thing I hear from people when I mention Hungary is the Budapest nightlife.

The first time I went to Budapest I didn’t hear too much about all their fun pubs and clubs.
But as I’ve traveled more I kept hearing about it.
So I’d be lying if I didn’t say the main reason I went back to Budapest was for the debauchery.

Traveling to Hungary only for the Budapest Nightlife.

To start off my bender I needed to make sure I’d book the right place to stay at and rest my head(notice how I didn’t say SLEEP).
My den of depravity was the infamous
Retox Party Hostel.
Besides being a hostel, it’s also a drinking destination for travelers to start their nights.
I knew I’d be in for a wild time there.
I arrived in Budapest only a few days after Sziget, which is a week-long concert festival on the Margaret Island.
There were a lot of travelers lingering around that were still in Party Mode.
Every night someone was looking for the next drinking spot to lose consciousness at.
All I had to do was find the right people to party with.
That only took about 10 minutes after I got the keys to my hostel dorm.

Once the first night of partying began it all became a blur for the next 5 days.
So here’s some of the great places to drink, dance, and lick faces at.


The Retox Bar before the nightly chaos.If you’re staying at RETOX(O utca 41) you can start your night at their bar.
Depending on what night it is you might be staying there longer than expected.
Every night has some sort of drinking event happening.
Some nights it’s the Jager Train.
Other nights it’s a Strawpedo Challenge(if you don’t know what that is, just ask. You probably wont wanna partake.)


BudaParty03 (2)From Retox, a 2 minute walk to the end of the street will have you face to face with INSTANT(Nagymezo utca 38).
The largest Ruin Pub in Budapest.
It’s more of a club than a pub, but it has that ruin vibe to it.
It’s an apartment building that has been turned into what I like to call “The Labyrinth Of Liquor.”
There are 26 rooms, 7 bars, 2 gardens, and 7 stages inside.
It is very easy to get lost inside of this place, so if you’re going in a group try to stick together.

Some of the rooms are nice and open with room to breath like a normal bar.
However some of the rooms are packed like sardines.
Hot, sweaty people practically dancing on top of each other.
It is a must-see place, but if you’re staying at Retox I would leave it for last.
When you’re dead tired and drunk you only have to walk around the corner to your bed.

Another great party hostel is GRANDIO(Nagy Diofa utca 8).
It’s a sister hostel of Retox and it’s also known for its cheap bar to start your night off at.



BudaParty06From Grandio, you can take a 4 minute walk around the corner to the next street.
That’s where SZIMPLA KERT(Kazinczy utca 14) is.
Szimpla Kert is the grand daddy of ruin pubs in Budapest.
This is the one that started it all.
The atmosphere there is also great.

It’s not too overbearing with music and you can usually find a place to sit.
There’s so many random items in this place that have been made into chairs and tables.
A Bath tub cut in half that is now a sofa, an old car that is both a table and chairs, and many other random objects.
Szimpla Kert is pretty spacious as well, so there’s usually some area with standing room.
They also serve food and on Sunday mornings they host a Farmer’s Market.

There are many places in Budapest to party but a few of the others that I intoxicated myself at were:


BudaParty05KUPLUNG(Kiraly utca 46).
This ruin pub is a 7 minute walk from both Retox and Grandio.
This pub isn’t as ruined as some of the others, but that’s what’s so nice about it.
The design isn’t as “frantic thrift shop” looking as some of the other places.
It’s minimalistic in its ocean themed design.

Jellyfish lights, an underwater mural, and a flying whale art piece hangs in the venue area.
There’s an open-air area when you first walk in that has plenty of seating and is a good place to relax and talk.
As you walk in more you will enter the venue area that hosts live bands on stage.
Kuplung is a diverse crowd of locals and tourists and it’s diverse in its set-up as well.


BudaParty08Another minimalist ruin pub is ANKER’T(Paulay Ede utca 33).
It’s another 7 minute walk from Retox and about a 10 minute walk from Grandio.
But it’s only a 4 minute walk from Kuplung.
If you plan your night out in advance you might not have to do too much walking.

Anker’t was the “classiest” of the ruin pubs I went to.
It didn’t have a ruin vibe at all, it was actually quite nice.
It’s 2 spacious, connecting courtyards housed in a former factory.
Anker’t differs from the other places because it’s a Nightclub, Beer Garden, Bar and Grill all in one.

The 1st courtyard is filled with sand to give you an urban beach vibe.
It is very large with plenty of tables and chairs, as well as TV’s for all the sports fans.
The 2nd courtyard is a bit more chic with a long bar, large dance floor, and lounging areas along the wall.

Anker’t is also known for their grilled foods.
Therefore making it a good place to start at to fill your belly before your night of heavy drinking.


Budapest NightlifeMost of my time partying in Budapest was at ruin pubs, but one night I actually made my way to an actual club.
It was AKVARIUM which is located in Erzsebet ter and about a 14 minute walk from both Retox and Grandio.

Akvarium hosts all type of events outside in their terrace, but inside it’s a dance club and a concert venue.
The dance club was very packed with not much room to mingle and the bar was always packed.
But it’s the outside of Akvarium which seems to be the liveliest.

The stairs in front of Akvarium are packed with people hanging out enjoying the night.
There’s plenty of chairs and tables making it more comfortable than inside.
During the summer they host events out front and show sporting events on a large TV.
It’s a central meeting spot for a lot of people.

Other popular party options besides Ruin Pubs are Booze Cruises and Thermal Baths.


DCIM100GOPROThe baths can be enjoyed during the day and night.
The real party happens on Saturday nights at the Szechenyi Baths.
Home to the infamous SPARTY!
It’s pretty much a Hot Tub Night Club.
If you’re in Budapest during the winter you’ll go to the Lakacs Baths instead.

The baths are decorated with lights, lasers, weird decor and a DJ booth.
Music and drinking go from 10:30 pm – 3 am.
The baths have lockers for your belongings and you should bring 8000 HUF(
That lets you buy a lanyard with a drinking card attached.
That’s how you pay for drinks.
The Sparty is a fun time and a good way to get drunk quick(due to the dehydration of hot tubs).
The downside to the tubs is that it’s a Gigantic Bowl of Dude Soup.
In other words… it’s a huge Sausage Fest.
probably more enjoyable if you go to the Sparty with someone you already plan on swapping spit with.
Most girls there are on high alert due to the “sharks” in the water circling them all night.


Budapest Nightlife brings the best out in people.

The other ‘Drink While Being Surrounded By Water’ partying you can do is hop on a BOOZE CRUISE down the Danube River.
I did my booze cruise with Budapest Boat Party on St. Stephen’s Day.
It was great because we had the best place to watch the firework show.

Budapest Boat Party certainly cater to the younger, wilder crowd.
Nevertheless there’s other companies that actually have Opera, Cocktail, and Wine cruises.
If you’re looking for something fancier and not so Rated-R these would be better options.

In my case the boat became NC-17.
Since 2 guys(Aussies of course) decided to strip down naked and dance around.
Aside from seeing actual sausage on this boat the cruise is more diverse with the woman to man ratio.
It’s not as man dominated as the Sparty is.

The booze cruise is also a good option because it doesn’t go too long into the night.
So if you’re not too wasted from the cruise you can still go to a few places afterwards before the sun comes up.

Other Locations.

 These are just some of the places I went to and partied at, but there’s a whole list of other Ruin Pubs located HERE.

Budapest is a great city besides being known for its drunken good times.
But if it’s a party you’re looking for you will have no problem finding one here.
Because Budapest nightlife is top-notch.

Have you drunk yourself stupid in Budapest before?
If so, share your stories below.

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