One cannot tour a city’s food culture without indulging themselves in the sweeter side of things as well.
Boston is a great city for full blown meals and dinners; but the sweets and treats that Beantown has to offer is just as mouthwatering as anything else.

sweets and treatsDuring my stay in Boston I bounced around all over the city, but I was immediately in love with the North End and Chinatown.
For that reason this post doesn’t stray away from those 2 areas.

Boston has many well known landmarks; such as Fenway Park, The Citgo Sign, and Paul Revere’s House.
However there is a bakery that goes hand in hand with those places and it’s one of the most well known bakeries in the United States.


Immediately upon hearing the name of this fine establishment most people connect it to their perfect execution of the Cannoli.
Mike’s Pastry is so well known for their cannoli’s that you can even order them from their website to anywhere in the U.S. with overnight delivery.
They’re literally to kill for.
I left a trail of carnage in the North End when the line was out the door and around the corner.
(I’m still a fugitive on the run.)

The best time to go to Mike’s is as early as possible.
I had no problem getting in and out of there during the early hours of the morning.
However the afternoon and dinner time literally has people out the door.
Which is completely understandable if you have one of their Rum Squares.
Literally to kill for I tell you.
sweets and treats

Don’t be discouraged if you arrive at a time that Mike’s is packed.
You’re still in luck.
Right around the corner from Mike’s Pastry is another gem of the North End.


While Mike’s Pastry might be more focused on sweets; Bova’s Bakery is a great combination of sweets and treats.
They excel at pastries just like Mike’s but they also serve Calzones, Pizza, Subs, Breads, and Arancini’s.

In addition to a more varied bakery selection you can also take comfort in knowing that when other places close up for the night Bova’s is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Bova’s Bakery is the perfect place for a late night craving in the North End.

If your sweet tooth is on overdrive and you want to calm down on the diabetes intake there is an amazing deli right next door to Bova’s.


Monica’s is a deli and market that serves 14 different sandwiches made fresh right on the spot.
Let me be one of many to say that the Italian Sub will knock your dick in the dirt.
One taste of that masterpiece will drop you to the ground with blissful tears welling in your eyes.
It’s OK; embrace it.
You’ve just tasted a spiritual awakening.

In addition to their great sandwiches Monica’s also offers Pizza, Salads, and Soup.
Moreover, if you’d like to do some home cooking Monica’s has a great variety of Meats, Cheeses, Wines, Olives, etc.
Monica’s is a 1-stop shop of deliciousness that serves the best damn sandwich I’ve ever had.

If you’re fearful that you might never make it out of Boston’s Little Italy let me make a recommendation to my 2nd favorite neighborhood in Boston.


Boston’s Chinatown is the best spot in the city for late night eating.
However, Hing Shing Pastry is not open all night, so you’d be best advised to get there earlier in the day.
Hing Shing is another place that caters to sweets and treats under one roof.
I’m not very knowledgeable of Asian pastries so I was quite surprised when I found out that a pastry I thought was filled with something sweet was actually filled with vegetables or meat.
In spite of that surprise everything I tried there was unbelievably delicious.

The best part of Hing Shing are the prices.
They almost feel like a steal.
It’s a great place to find something you like and just buy a whole box of it because the prices are some of the best I’ve seen.

This post just barely scratches the surface of what Boston has to offer, but it’s an essential list.
Start your food journey in these locations and discover others along the way.
Treat it like a Sugar Tooth Pub Crawl.

Have you lived off sweets and treats in Boston?
What are some of your favorite spots?

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