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It’s rare to find bus travel in Southeast Asia that is so good you actually have to write about it.
But I found one.

Most bus rides in Southeast Asia are not that comfortable and some of them get into accidents.
But the Famous Traveller buses in Myanmar are fantastic.
After traveling that part of the world for 17 months I can easily say it was the best overnight bus in Southeast Asia.

Best Overnight Bus in Southeast Asia. Photo of Scania bus used by Famous Travellers Bus company in Myanmar.

I heard some good reviews from other travelers about the Famous company.
And their buses also looked really nice.
But I already learned not to get my hopes up in Southeast Asia.
I was prepared for an uncomfortable 13 hour journey.

I was definitely wrong.

I didn’t know what to expect when I booked it.
But once I was situated onboard I was quite impressed.


After celebrating the Thingyan Festival it was time to continuing moving.
I was traveling from Yangon to Nyaung Shwe.
Relaxing around Inle Lake for a few days sounded great.
My journey would be a 13 hour overnight bus.
Leaving at 6 pm and arriving the next day at 7 am.

The best, cheapest, and safest way to book with Famous is through their website.
For such a long ride I was surprised when the price came out 16,000 Kyat($10.39).
Once you book your bus you’ll get an e-mail with a ticket attachment.
When you arrive at the Famous Bus station just show them the receipt verification number on your phone.
They’ll give you a paper ticket and then you’re all set.


The Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal in Yangon is slightly Northeast of the airport.
About 21 km from where I was staying.
Luckily there was a small group from my hostel going to the bus terminal so we all shared a taxi to get there.

Satellite view of Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal in Yangon, Myanmar.

Once you arrive at the terminal it’s like a small village of restaurants and buses.
A few of us weren’t quite sure where our bus companies were located.
Luckily, MapsMe came in handy and we were all able to find the correct buildings to check in.
The Famous building is actually quite large so it shouldn’t be too hard to miss.

As soon as you walk in there’s a desk where they check your ticket.
Once they verified my number they said the bus would start boarding 30 minutes before departure.

I took a seat in the waiting area upstairs, with the cushioned seats.
For some reason I was the only one up there.
Everyone else waited downstairs on the hard seats.

Satellite view of Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal in Yangon, Myanmar.


Once I was on the bus I felt like I was on a very comfortable airplane.
The seats recline almost completely flat.
Even if the person in front of you is reclined you still have plenty of room to move.
Each seat has outlets, cup holder, blanket, and a TV with games, music, movies, map, etc.
What surprised me the most is that the bus actually had a stewardess.
If you needed anything you could just press your button and she’d come over.
I was quite impressed.

The bus left at 6 pm, right on time.
One hour into our drive we were given a snack and water.
At 9pm, 9 km from Hpa Yar Gyi, we stopped at a Famous Bus Stop with toilets and a restaurant.
One hour later we loading back on the bus and the stewardess asked everyone their specific drop-off destination.

At 2 am, 6.5 km from Pyawbwe, we stopped for a quick toilet break.
After that we were back on the road and back to sleep.
The bus arrived in Kalaw at 5 am.
Then 62 km later I arrived in Nyaung Shwe at 7 am, right on time.

Orange sunrise appearing over black mountains and purple fog.


Everything went smoothly.
I knew not to get used to that level of comfort and punctuality.
But it was a great experience to have.
Especially since a week later I would get food poisoning.
Food poisoning so bad it would make a volcanic eruption look weak.

The rest of my travel through Myanmar didn’t require overnight buses.
So I didn’t book any other buses with them.
But if you want a nice bus with plenty of amenities I’d definitely recommend Famous.
I’ve heard JJ Express is just as good and offers the same things.
So they could be another option if Famous buses sell out.

This post is NOT sponsored in any way.
I just know it’s rare to get what you pay for when it comes to transportation in Southeast Asia.
This company totally impressed me and…
I needed to write more Myanmar content.

Do you have any stories about a good or bad overnight bus in Myanmar?
Let me read them in the comments below.

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