Hostels have to be some of the easiest places for meeting people.
You all have a certain connection that brought you together and you’re all strange people in a new strange place.
Whether it’s a few days or a few weeks of travel you probably want to have some connection with the people you’re around and hostels are just the place for that.

Never pass out with your shoes on.
Never pass out with your shoes on.

I have stayed in many hostels and some of them do a great job of getting people to meet and some of them are just a roof over your head.
I prefer the hostels that bring people together, so that even when you return from a day out in the city/wilderness you can still have a great time with the people at your “home”.
Some hostels might cater too much to the party atmosphere and there ends up being nowhere to escape loud/drunken insanity except for in your room.
But some hostels have various different areas that can separate the action for some quality chill out time with your fellow travelers.

Everyone's sober. I swear.
Everyone’s sober. I swear.

A hostel that really seems to bring the best of what hostels have to offer as far as meeting, mingling, and a great camaraderie among travelers is: St. Christopher’s Village hostel in London, England.
The reason this hostel wins over other favorites of mine is because of the different areas throughout the building.

The 1st room you walk into has reception & about 5-6 computers for your internet needs.
The next set of doors you walk through breaks off into 3 sections:

1. If you go Left you enter the attached bar next door named Belushi’s.
It’s not a hostel exclusive bar, it’s open to everyone. So you meet many different travelers and locals.
That is also where the hostel has their Free Breakfast every morning.

2. If you go Right/Downstairs that takes you to the hostel restaurant/nightclub.
I’ve only been down there for Lunch and have never witnessed any nightclub action, but it’s nice to know that’s an option.
This area is also open to everyone.

3. But if you go straight that’s where the real part of the hostel begins.
There’s a door that can only be accessed with a Hostel Key.
Once you go through that door there is a another door in front of you and one to your right.
The door in front of you leads to the Common Room, the Movie Room, and the Locker Room.
Most of the partying I have done at this hostel has taken place in this common room because it doesn’t close all night.
It’s a very large hardwood floored room with some couches and a bunch of chairs and tables.
This room is where all the magic happens.
It’s where friendships are formed, weekend lovers are met, and countless amounts of alcohol is consumed.
I have seen utter devastation happen to this room only for it to look 100% back to normal the next morning.

"You're to blame for this disaster."
“You’re to blame for this disaster.”

The movie room is a nice large room with a couple of couches and chairs and a projector for your movie time. I watched Juno for my thousandth time in there.
And then the locker room is exactly that. A room with lockers where you can store your bags before checking in.

Now if you were to go to the right, instead of straight to those rooms, you would enter the stairway that takes you to all the different floors and rooms.
But if you go all the way to the top, that’s where they have their rooftop terrace.
Up there they have a mini bar with some benches and a picnic table.
It’s small, but it’s a nice getaway from the louder places in the hostel and it looks out over the city.

Blurry rooftop photo that kind of looks cool.
Blurry rooftop photo that kind of looks cool.

As you can understand now, there’s a lot of variety St. Christopher’s Village has to offer and that’s why I consider it the Best Hostel for meeting people.
Another added bonus is…….
….it’s in London.
Such a goddamn awesome city. I love it there!!!

What’s your favorite hostel for meeting people?
Leave your recommendations below.

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