There’s nothing like looking out the window of your vacation accommodation and thinking “Why do I have to leave this place?
The surroundings, the atmosphere, the view.
Those are some of the things that make your stay at a hotel, hostel, resort, or campsite memorable.

Take into account that I have not been to many exotic beach locations.
So I’m sure there are hundreds of other Hostels out there that have amazing views.
Be that as it may I have been to a hostel with a view to die for.
For me that hostel is Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald, Switzerland.

best European hostel view


Located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Jungfrau region.
The beautiful little village of Gimmelwald sits at an elevation of 4472 feet(1363 meters).
No cars, a population of less than 200, and the closest grocery store is a 30 minute walk to the next village.
What they might “lack” in convenience, they definitely gain in mind-blowing scenery.

It is very easy to find as it is directly to the left of the Gimmelwald Gondola Station.
It sits quite close to the edge of the mountain overlooking Lauterbrunnen valley.
Also sitting across from the famous Swiss Alps: the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau.

best European hostel view

Every dorm room has flower lined windows that face the Alps.
They have a picnic area in the backyard.
And best of all they have a wood burning hot tub.
I have had quite a few nights sitting in that hot tub looking up towards the
perfectly clear Milky Way.

best European hostel view
Rooms cost 33 Swiss Francs per night.
The cheapest booking is directly from their site:
Their Summer season is from mid-April to October 31st.
And their Winter season is from December 1st to March 30th.
But be aware, if you plan on visiting during the Winter season.
You have to arrive with a group, as they only rent out the hostel to groups during that time.
No individual travelers.

best European hostel viewHow To Get There:

1. Take the Interlaken Ost—Lauterbrunnen train.

Be aware that this train has 2 parts.
The 1st half goes to Lauterbrunneen and the 2nd half goes to Grindelwald.
The cars are marked, so make sure you board the correct one.

2. Take the Lauterbrunnen—Stechelberg bus.

Once you get to the Lauterbrunnen station you’ll cross the tracks.
Then walk about 75 meters to your right towards the Bus Stop.
It’s the only bus and Stechelberg is the last stop(12 minute ride).
You will exit right next to the Gondola Station.
Note: Avoid leaving Interlaken on the 20:01 train to Lauterbrunnen.
Because you will arrive when the Lauterbrunnen—Stechelberg bus is not running.
There is a 19:35 and a 21:35 bus, but nothing between.

3. Take the Gondola to the first stop.

You Are There!
The Mountain Hostel is directly to your Left.

Step back in awe and enjoy the view.

Have you ever stayed at Mountain Hostel?
What’s your favorite hostel with a view?
Let me know in the comments below.

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