The title right there says it all.
Thank You Belgium, I can never eat fries and feel satisfied ever again.

Do they taste, look, or smell funny?
Are the fries gross?
Did they cover the fries in bile instead of curry sauce?

It’s nothing like that at all.
It’s really quite simple:
Belgian fries are the best fries I have ever tasted in my life and nothing will ever compare.


Belgium is known for their Chocolate, Beer, Lace, and Fries(or Frites as they call them).
Although I cannot say I know much about lace, they have certainly done a great job with the other three.

I’m no food expert, so I can’t say exactly what it is that makes Belgian fries so magnificent compared to any other fries.
Above all they’re just better.
In the U.S. if I want large crispy fries I usually have to get steak fries(no they’re not filled with steak) and they’re just not what I really want.

What I really want lies within the country of Belgium.
Belgian fries are large with a perfect crispy outside and soft center.
Cooked to perfection and can be covered in a variety of different delicious sauces.

So many different sauce options.
So many different sauce options.



Upon further research on why Belgian fries might be so damn delicious I discovered that they use Bintje potatoes.
These potatoes are specifically used for fries and can only be found in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The fries are also cooked twice and most importantly the Size Does Matter.
The ladies say they need to be at least 10mm thick.
If they’re too thin they absorb too much fat and don’t taste as good.

….wait, what are we talking about?
Oh Yeah, Frites.

Size Matters.
Size Matters.


I have had pizza in Italy and was still able to come back to the U.S. and enjoy pizza.
However, Belgian fries are different and I can only be fulfilled with fries from Belgium.

Sooooooo good!!!
Sooooooo good!!!


Thank You Belgium, I now hate you.

Have you been to Belgium and had their frites?
What did you think of them?
Let me know in the comments.

Jeremiah Cooper

Jeremiah Cooper

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