Belgium seems to be a place in Europe that travelers don’t talk about much.
Most people go straight through on their way to France or Netherlands, and that’s a shame.
There’s many things I enjoyed about Belgium.
Belgian Chocolate might just be right at the top of that list.

Belgium is known for their Frites, Lace, variety of Beers, and most of all (for me) their Chocolate.
If there is ONE name in the Belgian chocolate game that stands out above the rest who would it be?
Who’s their 1st Draft Pick, MVP, All-Star Player, World Champion? 
If you guessed Godiva you’d probably be correct.


Godiva started in Brussels in 1926.
While it’s not the oldest around it certainly has a reputation to behold.
Godiva might be the most well known Belgian chocolate name.
But there are many other brands and plenty of locals competing.

One could only imagine what other great chocolatiers are creating against such a powerhouse name.
I’m more than willing to taste test whatever they have.


I felt like Switzerland was more focused on chocolate bars.
Belgium seems more focused on chocolate delicacies.
If I had to choose between one or the other I would go with Belgium.
The variety and creativity are more enticing to me.
I’m sorry Switzerland.
You’re still a strong 2nd for the best chocolate in Europe.

Those certainly look delicious.
Those certainly look delicious.


Throughout Brussels and Brugge there are chocolate shops everywhere.
There were just too many to choose from.
So I really don’t know who has the best Belgian chocolate.
Although I’m sure no choice is a wrong choice.


When I was in Brugge, my main target was Dumon Chocolatier located at Eiermarkt 6.
I heard many good things before going and it was not a letdown.
It’s a small shop with chocolate practically spilling out the door.
Many people will be spilling out that door as well.

It was honestly hard for me to get in and really look around because of all the people in there.
Luckily they offer a variety box of chocolates.
I just bought one of those and left with a box full of mysterious chocolates.

Get in my belly!!!
Get in my belly!!!


One part of me really wanted to devour one right after the other to find out which one was the best.
The other part of me really wanted to savor each one.
I kind of chose the devouring option.

As I started getting full I met a group of girls and offered them some.
Then the box was empty in seconds.

A great place for girls to eat your chocolates.
A great place for girls to eat your chocolates.


So with all that being said, Stop Skipping Over Belgium.
It’s a nice place and the chocolate might be the best around.

Have you ever nearly overdosed on Belgian Chocolate?
Let me know in the comments.

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