The west coast of Uluwatu ended up being one of my favorite places in Bali.
It felt like there was a good mixture of people, food, and activities to keep me busy; and it was incredibly relaxing if you knew the right spots to go.
There is also a bunch of beaches in Uluwatu.
During my stay I wanted to visit as many as possible and see which ones were the best.

Some of the beaches in Uluwatu have 2 names which can be confusing, especially when there’s 2 different Padang Padang beaches.
So I’ve listed both to help you Find or Avoid some of these spots.

Starting from the Northwest of the coast down to the South here’s my review of beaches in Uluwatu:


Beaches in Uluwatu - Tegal Wangi Beach.
Tegal Wangi Beach.

2,000RP Scooter parking.

There’s a warning sign near the parking that advises not to swim here due to the strong waves and tide.
I was there during high tide and I would say that sign is pretty accurate.
During the low tide there are natural rock formation “jacuzzis” that you might be able to sit in and enjoy.
However, during high tide they were hard to notice through the water and you’d definitely get pummeled by the waves trying to sit in them.
The beach itself is also pretty small and there’s not much room for sun bathing.
This is a cool beach to take pictures at, but that’s about it.


Beaches in Uluwatu - Balangan Beach.
Balangan Beach.

3,000RP Scooter parking.

This is one of the worst beaches in Uluwatu; and quite possibly all of Bali.
It smells and the locals are burning wood and washed up trash right on the beach.
Completely avoid this place!!
Any review of this place that says it’s a good beach is lying through their teeth.


Beaches in Uluwatu - Dreamland Beach.
Dreamland Beach.


A very popular beach and for all the right reasons.
However, it is slightly difficult to find with a steep one-way road leading down to the very limited parking.
Once on the beach you’ll notice there’s plenty of food and drinks in the area.
The water is also relatively clean(for Uluwatu standards).
A little crowded near the entrance of the beach, but the further away you go the quieter it becomes.
There’s some surfing out in the distance, but the waves near the shore aren’t too rough and it’s a pretty nice area for swimming.

LABUAN SAIT Beach/Pantai Padang Padang.

Beaches in Uluwatu - Labuan Sait Beach.
Labuan Sait Beach.

3,000RP Scooter parking, 10,000RP Entry.

This beach was featured in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” and that probably explains why there’s so many people there.
It’s also a very, very popular surfing area.
None of this I knew before arriving.
It is extremely small, very crowded, and not worth more than 5 minutes of your time.
Which is about exactly how long I stayed there.
After walking down the stairs that goes through a small cliff crevice I entered the beach that could be walked across in 2 minutes.
Everyone was just drinking and watching the surfers in the distance.
I’ve never left a beach quicker in my life.

THOMAS Beach/Padang Padang.

Beaches in Uluwatu - Thomas Beach.
Thomas Beach.


This is the Padang Padang beach that you want if you’re looking to swim or relax.
Most people know it as Thomas beach though.
This beach is large, pretty clean, has food and drinks near the entrance, and also has many areas to relax.
Near the Warungs you can rent beach beds with large umbrellas and also have drinks from the closest warung sent to you.
If you go further away from the entrance you have more uninterrupted areas to lay down your towel and relax.
The waves at Thomas Beach also didn’t seem too bad and weren’t extremely rough.


Beaches in Uluwatu - Uluwatu Beach.
Uluwatu Beach.

5,000RP Scooter Parking.

This is another very busy beach.
It’s very popular for the surfing, but it’s also full of restaurants too.
Single Fin is one of the few popular bars for tourists to party at, so this area stays busy all the time.
The beach area is still really cool to visit though.
However, you have to visit it during the low tide.
When the high tide is in, there is no beach.
Arriving during the lowtide will also reveal another beach that can be accessed through the cliff.
You might have to ask people how to get there, or just look around for people ducking into a small opening in the cliff and follow them.
If you do you’ll be rewarded with a bigger beach that also has chunks of a washed up boat on shore.
It’s definitely a cool place to hang out.
However, there is too much coral for any good swimming.


Beaches in Uluwatu - Nyang Nyang Beach.
Nyang Nyang Beach.


This beach has a lot of potential.
There’s plenty of room for parking at the top. Then it’s about a 10-15min hike down(and up).
The path you take has plenty of tree covering from the sun, but is also home to a bunch of mosquitoes.
Eventually you’ll come to a fork in the path, but they both take you to the same beach, just different areas.
The path to Left is rocky steps. The path to Right is flat dirt/mud.
Once you’re on the beach there’s 2 warungs and plenty of beach all to yourself.
This beach is huge and it’s empty.
The waves seemed a little too big for swimming and the shore during lowtide washed up a bunch of trash(which is unfortunately pretty common in Indonesia).
However, the trash wasn’t unbearable and this place could still be enjoyed.
There’s also a big chunk of boat washed up on this shore as well.
If you’re looking for a huge beach with not too many people, some food, and only “some” trash than this is a good one to go to.

I visited all of these beaches during November.
Which means there were a decent amount of storms during that time.
That might’ve had something to do with the amount of ocean trash in some of these areas.
So if you visit these beaches in June and they’re nothing like I described that might be why.
However I don’t think there’s any luck for Balangan Beach.
That beach was absolute shit.

Have you explored many beaches in Uluwatu?
Which ones were your favorites?

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