About Me

About me

Hello, my name is Jeremiah.
I’m a Travel obsessed, MMA loving, Metal Head, Photographer from Arizona.
I’m armed with a foul mouth, twisted humor, and a fearless sense of adventure.
Welcome to my Blog.
For years I wanted to pack a bag and disappear into another country.
Unknowing of what lied ahead.
In 2007 I finally had enough vacation time to go to Europe for 3 weeks.
It was amazing.
But I covered too many countries in too short of time.
I promised myself I would return and stay for months instead.
The next year I did exactly that.
My job at that time wouldn’t give me the time off, so I simply quit.
It wasn’t up to them whether or not I was going.
It was up to me.
Either they could give me the time off or I’d quit.
I didn’t regret my decision for a second.
In 2008 I traveled Europe for 3 months.
Revisiting past countries, seeing new ones, and staying in each place much longer.
With both trips combined I had visited 16 European countries.
During those travels I also indulged in my love of extreme sports.
Skydiving, Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Caving, White Water Rafting, Zip Lining, and more.
After that trip I was bitten by the Travel Bug HARD.
Travel was all I wanted to do.
I thought about it non-stop.
But over the next couple years I got stuck in the mundane life of 9-5 jobs that I hated.
Warehouse work.
Lift stuff, move stuff, load trucks, and slowly destroy your back.
That was my life.
I’d still managed to squeeze in small vacations though.
and Europe two more times(2013, 2015),
But each trip was 2 weeks or less.
I was still craving that Year Or More adventure.
During 2014 I started reading a lot of travel blogs.
I researched exactly what it was that people did to save up for extensive trips.
After taking some notes I immediately I knew I could do it.
Once I planted the seed in my head that I was gonna do that, there was nothing that could stop me.
In 2015 I forced myself to continue working a job I hated in order to save for my adventure.
But where to go?
Europe was starting to feel familiar and I wanted something new.
I wanted some struggle involved too.
I didn’t even want to be able to understand letters on signs.
I’ve always been a fan of exotic animals, Asian movies, and Asian food.
So Asia it was.
I decided once I’d reach my goal of $20,000 I’d buy a one-way ticket to Asia and see where the adventure would take me.
In March of 2017 I was headed to Japan.
For the next 17 months I would visit 9 Asian countries.
The shortest amount of time I stayed in a country was 26 days.
The longest I stayed was 5 months.
Slowly traveling through Asia was a dream come true.
I learned a lot of what to do and what not to do during all these travels.
I’ve had amazing adventures and a handful of misadventures.
I’ve discovered off the beaten path locations and visited some of the largest cities in the world.
But no matter where I am I’m always looking for the next adrenaline racing activity.
Read along as I give you travel tips, stories, and the best places to test your courage.
It’s time to Stop Existing and Start Living.
Live Life Extreme.

If you have any questions I can be reached at: LiveLifeExtremeBlog@gmail.com

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