Reaching speeds of 100 mph, with only a harness and a wire keeping me from certain death, is what I enjoy when I try to experience what it’s like to be a bird diving through the air after its prey.

Zip lines can be found all throughout Europe.
I had fun at a zip line park the last time I was in Switzerland.
Even though it was a lot of fun it’s not what I’d consider one of the best zip lines in Europe.

What makes the list for best zip lines in Europe requires Speed, Length, Size, and Location.

Best Zip Lines In Europe.


Zip World Velocity.
best zip lines in Europe

Bethesda, Northern Wales.
Known as the fastest zip line in the world.
Velocity is definitely one of the best zip lines in Europe.
As it whizzes over a quarry at speeds just over 100 mph(161 kph) this zip line is hard to beat.
The Zip World website also has many other activities to choose from.
However, it’s the Velocity that is their main attraction for adrenaline junkies.


Volo Dell’Angelo.

Lucanian Dolomites in Southern Italy.
Considered one of the longest zip wires in the world.
This zip line sends you on a round trip between 2 different towns.
The first line, known as “San Martino”, starts from Pietrapertosa(altitude 3,346 ft/1,020 meters).
It arrives in Castelmezzano(arrival altitude 2,818 ft/859 meters) after covering 1,415 meters with the top speed of 68 mph(110 kph).
The “Peschiera” line starts from Castelmezzano(altitude 3343ft/1019 meters).
This one arrives in Pietrapertosa(arrival altitude 2,913 ft/888 meters), covering 1,452 meters with the top speed of 75 mph(120 kph).

Adrenaline Xtreme Adventures.

St. Vigil, Italy.
Reported as the biggest zip line in Europe.
Not the longest or the fastest, but the biggest.
The reason for this is the sheer magnitude of the area that you’ll be covering.
10 different lines connecting to 11 platforms.
Covering a total length of almost 2 miles(3,200 meters/3.2 km).
Average time for completion takes about 90 minutes.


The Tyrolienne.

La Tyrolienne, French Alps.
Without a doubt the highest zip line in the world.
Unfortunately it’s slightly different than the others on this list.
This zip line is only available to skiers in the winter months to carry them between two snowy peaks.
Starting altitude of 10,597 ft(3,230 meters), at the top platform of the Bouchet chair lift in Orelle.
The zip line runs for almost a mile(1.3 kilometers) across the Savoie region to a 9,843 ft(3,000 meter) peak in neighboring Val Thorens – the highest ski area in Europe.
At its top speed the zip line reaches over 62 mph(100 kph) as it carries skiers between the Maurienne and Tarentaise valleys.


LimiteZero Zip Line.

Sanlúcar de Guadiana, Spain.
This is a fun zip line for a few reasons.
1. You start in Spain and end in Portugal.
2. You travel back in time(literally).
Portugal is an hour behind Spain, so you gain time flying into Portugal.
3. You cross over the Guadiana River.
4. You have no time limit visiting Alcoutim, Portugal when you get there.
A ferry will take you back across the river when you’re finished.



Pena Aventura Park, Portugal.
Another zip line connecting mountains to each other.
Traveling at a distance of almost a mile, 5,045 ft(1,538 meters) with a height of 492 ft(150 meters), and speeds of 80 mph(130 kmp) this zip line connects the places of Lamelas and Bustelo.

Would you consider any of these the best zip lines in Europe?
What’s your favorite?

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