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Spending only 2 days in Budapest should be a crime.
However, I do understand if you’re just passing through or you’re pressed for time.
I guess I can forgive you if that’s the case; but don’t let it happen again.

Budapest is one of my favorite cities in Europe.
It’s a fun city to explore.
Loaded with great architecture, cool sites, gorgeous women, and great nightlife.
Only spending 2 days in Budapest is good enough if you only want to see the main sites.
If you
really want to enjoy the city, or any large city for that matter, I recommend no less than 4 days.
Luckily I have a few itineraries that can get you to the main sites and mix in some different options.



Castle Hill is the place to be for the best views of Budapest.

Up there you have The Royal Palace.
What I’d consider one of the most non-castle looking castles I’d ever seen.
But it’s a very nice area to walk around and see the 2 sides of the city from.

Then there’s the Matthias Church.
A Gothic church that is as cool on the inside as it is on the outside.


If you’re in the mood to hike higher to see more of the city you can head towards Gellert Hill.
The view is great, but the best part is the Cave Church on the south end of the hill.
It’s worth a visit after your long hike to the top.

On your descent down you can experience one of the famous thermal baths of Budapest.


Quite possibly the best place to get pampered in Budapest.
This place is more than just thermal baths.
You can pretty much get any type of (legal)massage you’d want.
There’s saunas, a wave pool, swimming pools, mud packing, pedicures, and even the option to take a bath in red wine.
Yep. Red Wine.

2 days in Budapest.

Chances are you’re staying on the Pest side of the city.
So you can make your way back over the Chain Bridge and swing past the Parliament building.
This building has some of the most impressive architecture I’ve ever seen.


After dinner it’ll be time for one of the things that Budapest is notorious for; their Nightlife.
The options are plentiful no matter where you’re staying.
Conveniently most spots are only a few minutes walk from each other.
The Ruin Pubs were my favorite places to drink my night away.
My favorite options are Szimpla Kert, Instant, etc.

DAY TWO(option 1):

Day 2 will start dark and eerie.


If you’re curious about Hungary’s history with Fascist and Communist regimes you can visit this terror museum.
While the Nazi’s and Soviet’s invaded Hungary, this building was used for many tortures and murders of Hungarians.
An English audio guide is recommended.

If the House Of Terror wasn’t enough doom and gloom for you there’s an amazing cemetery you can visit as well.

Kerepesi Cemetery

Without a doubt the Kerepesi Cemetery is the coolest cemetery I’ve ever been to.
On 140 acres(56 hectares) it is quite large and you could spend hours checking everything out(I sure did).
To see only the highlights of the cemetery go down the main street right through the center.
You will be blown away by some the tombs and monuments in that area.

After those 2 lovely morning attractions you’re probably ready for something more cheerful.

So on to City Park you’ll go.


Heading back to Andrassy ut you will take that East towards City Park and you will greeted with Heroes’ Square.
This is the gateway to the park.
But first, a nice photo-op in front of the Millennium Monument.

Once you enter the park if you go to the right you’ll eventually see the Vajdahunyad Castle.


Mostly a fun castle to see from the outside, as the interior houses Europe’s largest agricultural museum(!!THRILLING!!).
This is a very nice area of the park to walk around and sightsee.

For me the best part of this park is a little further in at the Széchenyi Baths.


Possibly the most well-known of the Hungarian baths.
And definitely the most photographed.

The Szechenyi Baths have 3 large outdoor pools at various temperatures.
Along with many smaller indoor pools.
Just like the Gellert Baths they also have saunas, steam rooms, and massages.
Aside from that they also have a restaurant.
It’s really hard to leave this place once you’re there.
But I saved the best for last.

They also have a BEER SPA!!!
That’s right, a beer spa!
You hop into a spa of 96 F(36 C) thermal water with malt, hops, and yeast added.
You also have a beer tap situated right next to your tubs so you can pour yourself as many beers as you’d like in 45 minutes.

If you’re there on a Saturday during the summer this would be a good way to pre-game before the infamous Sparty.
If not, it’s still a good way to pre-game for another night of Ruin Pubs.

DAY TWO(option 2):

If you like to avoid a morning of terror and death and trade that in for adventure you’re still in luck.

Caving fashion is top notch.

Caving in Budapest was the funnest thing I did the whole time I was there.
Your meet-up spot will be on the Pest side but all the caving takes place under the hills of Buda.

Expect to spend 6 hours of your day towards this.
But it’s completely worth it.
Afterwards you might have time to swing by Margaret’s Island for a quick look around.
But food and relaxation will most likely on your mind instead.

The caving will leave your body a bit bruised and beat up.
That visit to the Szechenyi Baths will sound even better and be even more amazing.

Plenty to do.

As you can see from this itinerary there’s quite a variety of things to do during 2 days in Budapest.
You will immediately try figuring out how to stay in the city longer.
Maybe cut a day or two from another city, it’s completely OK.
Budapest is better anyways.

Have you ever spent 2 days in Budapest and cried when you had to leave?
Let me hear about it in the comments.

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