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Amsterdam is a very easy city to navigate and one of the better cities to see in only 48 hours.
If you’re pressed for time here’s a good way to spend 2 days in Amsterdam.

2 days in Amsterdam
Right out of Central Station is the Damrak.
The main street that cuts through downtown Amsterdam.
It’s mostly full of tourist stores and restaurants, but it’s a good place to get your bearings of the city.
It’s also a street name to remember as you’ll be crossing it quite a few times during your 2 days in Amsterdam.

DAY 1:

South of Dam Square.

2 days in Amsterdam

Bike rentals and Bike Tours are all over the city.
A couple of tours can be found behind the Rijksmuseum near the “I Amsterdam” sign.
Tours are usually over 3 hours.
You might want to have your other plans ready for when you return, as to not waste time.

2 days in Amsterdam

A great way to experience Amsterdam is on their Canal Tours.
Seeing a city from that type of perspective is always fun and interesting.
There’s a few different launching points throughout the city.
But there’s 2 near the Rijksmuseum.
Between the Amsterdam Marriott and Rijksmuseum is the City Canal Cruise.
The other one is Amsterdam Canal Cruises.
That’s between Rijksmuseum and the Heineken Brewery.

Once you get dropped back off from that tour you can go to one of the best art museums I’ve ever been to.


In there you will find some of the most impressive paintings you’ve ever seen.
It’s open every day of the year from 9 am – 5 pm.
The price for Adults is € 17.50 which is pretty expensive.
Be that as it may, if you’re into great realistic paintings it’s completely worth it.

Behind the Rijksmuseum is the “I Amsterdam” sign and Van Gogh Museum.
A quick stop for a photo-op and another museum to visit if you’re a Van Gogh fan.
But if you’re looking to spice things up a bit you can head east to the Heineken Experience.


2 days in Amsterdam
FYI: That building is NOT the Heineken Brewery.

The Heineken Experience is a tour of one of Hollands most famous beer breweries.
Although it’s now a museum, it was the location of the 1st Heineken brewery.
It is open every day of the year starting at 10:30 am and closing at different times depending on the time of the year.
Admissions is € 16,00 for Adults.

DAY 2(Option 1):

North of Dam Square.

On this day you’ll mostly be in Downtown Amsterdam


If you plan on visiting Anne Frank’s House you’re gonna want to start your day there.
Lines are shortest as soon as it opens and they grow to unbelievable sizes by the middle of the day.

This biographical museum about the life of Anne Frank and how she lived during the Nazi’s reign might be a bummer way to start your day. But I promise things get more cheerful as the day goes on.

Best advised to buy your tickets in advance online.
All other info can be found at the Anne Frank website.

After Anne Frank’s House you can also swing by Westerkerk.


Westerkerk is the Netherlands largest Protestant church.
Built in the 1600’s with a 278 ft(85 m) spire that has great views of the city.
While you’re checking out views of the city you can also see how much the line to Anne Frank’s House is growing.
Be thankful you went early.

THE NEW CHURCH(De Nieuwe Kerk).

The New Church is a 15th century church that now mostly carries art exhibitions.
Their website explains what’s exhibits are available.
Price is € 8.

2 days in Amsterdam

This square is the best place in Amsterdam for people watching and hanging out.
Throughout the day people are usually doing some type of performance art there.
You’re guaranteed to see something interesting if you stay there long enough.

From there on the rest of the evening gets rather sexy.

2 days in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has 2 Sex Museums.
There’s the one closest to the Central Station, that most people pass walking down Damrak.
It’s actually the more hardcore museum.
The one in the Red Light District is rather tame.
Nonetheless they’re both worth checking out…. because why not.

The Damrak Sex Museum focuses more on the history of pornography.
It also has a huge section of old photos and memorabilia.
€ 4, Daily 9:30 am – 11:30 pm.
2 days in Amsterdam

Once you get done with that one you can head over to The Erotic Museum in the Red Light District.
Not as graphic as the other but way more entertaining.
It has 5 floors, a bunch of prostitute mannequins in various acts, and animatronics doing funny things.
€ 7, Sunday-Thursday 11 am – 1 am.
Friday and Saturday 11 am – 2 am.

2 days in Amsterdam

Across the street from The Erotic Museum is the Moulin Rouge.
I never did check it out myself because I heard it was a bit expensive.
It is something I’d still like to experience the next time I’m in Amsterdam.
Their website doesn’t have much information.
A quick google search might help you decide if you’d like to visit.

And now that you’re in the Red Light District you might as well have yourself a stroll through the glowing red alleys.


The Red Light District is drastically different depending on what time of the day you stroll through the streets.
Afternoon/early evening it almost seems like anywhere else in the city.
Around 6-8 pm it’s pretty popular with tourists.
It becomes a very crowded Human Petting Zoo.

One night, after a pub crawl, I wanted to see what it looked like at 3 am.
Waaaaay different from the rest of the day.
Most of the windows were empty and shifty figures hung out in the shadows nearby.
I never felt like I was in danger, but it was exactly how you’d imagine that area to be like at 3 am.

DAY 2(Option 2):

If you’re not that interested in the sex worker world, as I’d imagine a lot of people aren’t, you can do something else outside of the city.

2 days in Amsterdam

An hour southwest on Tram #9 from the Central Station is Scheveningen in The Hague(Den Haag).
There you can find the beach… and a nude beach(if that’s your thing).
Most importantly though is the large pier with the Bungee Jump at the end of it!!!
The bungee drops you 196 ft(60 meters) over the North Sea and it’s the only bungee jump in the Netherlands.
If Bungee isn’t your type of thing, a nice walk around the area is very relaxing.
Scheveningen is a much different change of pace from Amsterdam

2 days in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a bit of variety and hopefully I covered a decent amount of stuff to do.
If not, you can always spend 2 days in Amsterdam smoking weed and eating mushrooms and see where that takes you.

Have you ever had 2 days in Amsterdam to run around?
What did you do in your short time?

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